Learning Tips: 5 Ways to Ace Physics in Junior College

From dealing with an entirely new set of subjects, as well as teaching methods, and a packed school timeline, surviving junior college in Singapore is not easy.

It’s not impossible, though.

Below are tips for incoming Junior College students to help them survive the two-year roller coaster ride.

1. Make friends with your instructors

The relationship between instructors and students in Junior College is different and more relaxed. Most students treat teachers more as life mentors at this point, as they are a valuable resource for support, both academically and in real life.

Being friends with your instructors allows you to approach them easily for clarification on academic matters, or if you require help in identifying areas that you struggle in.

2. Don’t be too hard on yourself

The jump from secondary school to junior college is arguably the most significant jump students in Singapore will ever make academically. The shift in difficulty and pace is so apparent that it would be a huge surprise if you didn’t struggle!

So, try not to be too hard on yourself.

Give yourself a break. Relax. Try not to stress yourself out too much. Sure, it’s an essential time of your life, and you’ll want to get the highest marks possible. But, be okay with not being able to do that right away.

Remember, junior college is the only time you’ll get to catch up before things become even more difficult for the next few years.

Use this time to learn how to adjust to an entirely new educational environment.

3. Sign up for things

Most schools have a steady stream of activities and events that can keep students busy all-year-round should they choose to sign up.

While your studies should still take up the bulk of your time, it shouldn’t hurt to focus on something else outside of academics as well. This way, you have a way to get your mind off of things without necessarily doing something outside of the school.

Not to mention, being actively involved in your school’s affairs gives you a chance to vent out and de-stress.

Plus, it’s a great way to make friends and network, which could go a long way later on in your career.

4. Seek help from your seniors

Everyone in junior college is having a hard time, regardless of how seemingly easy some seem to be having it. Despite so, that doesn’t mean your seniors have no time to help out those who are still new to junior college.

5. Get tuition

Physics tuition, in particular, is extremely useful in junior college. Most instructors know that you’re still adjusting to the advanced level of teachings of junior college, and they can help make the transition easier for you. Plus, this is also the time when proper and effective study habits come in handy, which is something that most tuition centres will focus on teaching you first.

Just remember to get physics tuition right at the start of the school year, or at least, the grading period, and not weeks before your exams.

Junior college may be tough, but it’s possible to pull through, especially by following the tips we have provided.

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