How To Make The Transition To Agile In The Workplace

The workplace has changed tremendously over the past few years. With an ever-changing business environment, small businesses and large corporations have been forced to adapt in order to respond quickly and effectively.
The popular trend in workplace design nowadays is to implement strategies that promote collaboration, enhance creativity, and increase productivity. To make this happen, entrepreneurs are increasingly making use of modern agile solutions for the workplace by getting rid of highly-structured environments of the past.
The idea is to generate higher levels of output in quantity and quality of work. If you’re thinking about transforming your workplace and promoting an agile office culture, here’s what you should take note.

Flexibility in the design

The recent pandemic outbreak has shown us that remote working is possible and can be done right to maintain business operations. However, when making a move back to the office, the same flexibility can be provided in seating arrangements.
In agile workplaces, most employees are not constrained by having assigned desks. Rather, they are empowered to choose their preferred seating that suits the current activity they are doing. For instance, soft seating areas may be suitable for collaborative discussions and informal meetings. Quiet spaces can be chosen for an intensive focus on complex, independent tasks while standing workstations provide passing employees to quickly review their work with one another.
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Support your employees’ need for success

Agile workplaces may offer more flexibility, but they also demand more than just performing repetitive tasks. Instead, employees are tasked to develop innovative solutions to problems and work with one another to achieve various goals. Many might not have the relevant competencies needed to operate in this dynamic environment, which could leave them feeling dejected and inadequate.
Provide development opportunities for employees to train on agile traits like systems thinking, situational awareness and conflict resolution. If they are equipped with the tools they need to be successful in the workplace, it can boost engagement and also reduce turnover rates.

More effective leadership

The ‘loose’ nature of agile workplaces means that task flows are changing frequently and work constantly needs to adapt to ever-shifting situations. Leaders will need to find ways to keep their teams motivated and engaged in the face of these challenges – with more focus placed on results instead of the process.
Rather than telling people how to do their work, effective leaders do what they can to help their teams achieve the desired outcome. The key is to identify what they need to accomplish. One aspect of it is to build trust within the team to encourage better collaboration and facilitate independent problem-solving.


The agile approach may not suit all workplaces and businesses, but those who are looking to remove traditional constraints on employees like designated seating arrangements and hours to promote maximal performance.
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