5 Reasons Why Its Beneficial To Learn Korean Online

There is no doubt that COVID19 has effectively changed the education landscape. Apart from the temporary implementation of safety measures, education industries have experienced a technological breakthrough. Similar to other businesses, they are forced to shift their operations online and remote learning has become commonplace. Whilst it may be a tad different and will require a bit of adjustment, online learning has provided an avenue for teaching and learning can take place without jeopardising one’s health in the process.

With that said, many are still skeptical of the effectiveness of remote learning and question its efficacy. To help you understand why online classes are uniquely significant during these trying times, here are a few reasons why online courses are the best way to learn during this pandemic.

Safeguarding Everyone’s Safety

The novel coronavirus primary mode of transmission is via respiratory droplets and contact points. These droplets are produced when an infected person simply coughs, sneezes or talks. Thus, being in close vicinity with other individuals poses a risk – regardless of whether or not they display any symptoms as they could either be asymptomatic or the virus has yet to settle within the body. To continue learning in such an environment would threaten the safety of those in the classroom, potentially bringing it back to your home where it’ll spread further.

With online classes, you’d be able to learn in a classroom environment – albeit digitalised – and experience the full aspects of learning without having to endanger those around you.

More Networking Opportunities

Now that learning isn’t confined or limited within an area, you are given the opportunity to expand your circle in a much more effective. For instance, in online Korean classes, you’d be able to not only meet native Korean teachers, but also from students from all walks of life with different nationalities, backgrounds and more. On top of being able to practise and learn together, you’d be able to interact and share ideas and opinions that would otherwise be uninformed of.

That said, it also gives you the opportunity to bond and form relationships with all types of people.


One of the perks of studying online is the affordability aspect. Seeing as how the institution wouldn’t be using any classroom facilities, you’d only be paying for the services of the instructor and the resources instead. Furthermore, numerous institutions are offering discounts and the like to encourage individuals to pick up new skills and knowledge during COVID19 – so you’d be able to enjoy an amazing deal!

Allows For Flexibility

With online classes comes the flexibility of time. Since you wouldn’t need to travel to a particular classroom to have your lessons, you can basically learn from practically anywhere. Furthermore, now that you’re aren’t bounded by physical restraints, student-teacher communication can flourish even further. You are able to have your queries answered or go through the mistakes with just a simple email. Online learning has opened the doors for greater efficiency and progress – although do be mindful and considerate of your teacher’s time! They’re ultimately helping you out from their volition, outside of their working time. So be sure to be polite and email them on a weekday, during working hours!

Building Self-Discipline

To reach optimal learning, you’d first to be committed and disciplined. With a traditional classroom, you’re given the leeway as you’d have a teacher to physically check up on you and see your progress.

Online classes, however, don’t give you the same privilege. You’d need to be assertive and be the one to ask questions as there isn’t a teacher to point out your mistakes real-time. With online classes, you’d need to be more responsible for your learning. Whilst it may sound rather cumbersome, it’s a great discipline builder that can easily rub on other parts of your life!

Start Learning

All round, online classes are starting to take over traditional classes – albeit temporarily – and we’ll see institutions increase their usage of digital and technological approaches in the near future. This is especially since the world is moving towards the digital space, education will soon find ways to better adapt to provide an optimal learning experience.

We strive to provide an avenue for those who wish to learn Korean online and further brush up their proficiency and fluency during this difficult time. We’ve translated our curriculum into an online one, and with our experienced native Korean teachers, you’d be able to flaunt your Korean once the pandemic blows over!

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