3 Common Misconceptions That May Be Affecting Your Sleep

It can be difficult to get enough sleep during this challenging period where people are worried about the ongoing pandemic, as well as coping with the changes in the ‘new normal’. Now, more than ever, we need better sleep to feel well-rested and get on with our days.

Quality sleep can significantly improve our mornings and help us get a good sleep cycle going. Despite this, there are many untruths about sleep that can prevent others from achieving quality sleep.

Here are 3 misconceptions about sleep and how you can achieve better rest the right way!

1. Adults only need 5 hours of sleep

If you have been sleeping for less than 5 hours each night, it may have a detrimental effect on you the very next day. This misconception is not only untrue, but it is also believed by many around the world. The ideal sleep time for adults should be between 7 to 10 hours of sleep.

According to statistics by World Sleep Day, around 45% of the global population is threatened by sleep deprivation. Scientists have also shared that individuals who sleep lesser than 5 hours were likely to develop health-related causes. If you have been sleeping for less than 5 hours each night, you should take the time to correct your sleep cycle and achieve better sleep.

2. You can easily adapt to less sleep

It is believed by many that the body and the brain can easily adapt and function without sufficient sleep. However, this is untrue as your body goes through 4 phases of sleep in order to restore itself fully. If you only go through the first 2 stages of sleep, which is light sleep in phases 1 and 2, you will not be able to receive deep and restorative sleep in phases 3 and 4.

Studies have also shown that individuals are less likely to adapt to less sleep as it can skew our self-awareness during the day. Less sleep can also greatly affect how accurately we judge our sleep perception. As such, strive to get enough sleep hours so that you don’t miss out on restorative sleep.

3. Hitting snooze can help us to receive more sleep in the morning

Not only is this untrue, but the sleep that you receive is only low-quality sleep. When you are near the end of your sleep, hitting snooze and returning to bed can put you right back into another deep sleep cycle. Should the alarm ring a few minutes later, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a deep sleep, and wake up with a groggy feeling that can be difficult to shake off in the morning.

If you are having trouble avoiding the snooze button, place your alarm on the other side of the room so that you will have to get up and leave your bed to turn it off. This can help you to wake up and gradually increase your alertness.


As we navigate through these tough times, getting the right amount of sleep can be beneficial to help us stay productive and healthy. While we should learn the truth about these misconceptions, we should also take the time to correct our own sleep schedules and figure out better ways to get sufficient quality sleep.

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