The Hidden Benefits Of Choosing A Boat As Your Wedding Venue

It’s one of the most special moments of your life – so, it’s really no surprise that uniqueness is one aspect you’ll seek on your wedding day. Hence, why weddings on a yacht may be the perfect idea to indulge in.

It’s the epitome of romanticism and exclusivity, after all.

We’ve seen so many boat weddings in romantic movies, and you’ve maybe even witnessed one from ashore. There is no reason why you can’t indulge in the romantic fantasy too.

Read on as we expand even further on why having your wedding aboard a yacht may be a wonderful idea.


There is this great misconception that yacht and boat charters can be quite expensive. This might be true in certain cases, but when you compare wedding prices on lands with weddings on boatsthen you might be surprised.

Hosting a wedding on land can be extremely expensive, and there may even be added costs for extras. On the other hand, when you book a boat wedding, you will have an array of choices.

Many boat charters offer couples different packages that range from extremely small to luxurious, such as the choice of boat.

A gorgeous backdrop

Memories should come with well-taken photos to reminisce the big day and the wonderful time spent with guests, revelling in the moment of the special occasion, and of course – the solemnisation to celebrate the official marriage between you and your spouse.

That said, imagine taking wedding photos with the sunset in the background.

Drifting on the ocean creates an astonishing picturesque backdrop that can’t be achieved on land; your photos will be amazing and unique, for sure!

Vacation-like experience

If you have a small wedding guest list, you’ll be able to extend the wedding to a few days. Not only will guests be on board for the celebrations, but you’ll have a choice whether you want to make a whole weekend of it.

You will be able to spend much more time with guests and have a mini “honeymoon-like” experience with your partner by the waters. Besides, you get to take in the scenic city skyline and other ravishing sights as you sail on the water from one harbour to the next!

It’s amazing how getting off land can create a calm vacation-like atmosphere for everyone at the wedding; a kind of breakaway from the business of land.


You won’t have to stress about hiring different vendors from different companies.

Weddings on boats are so popular because most boat charters include all staff and services. Furthermore, you’ll be given a crew that will ensure your guests’ safety and that everyone is served drinks and food while onboard.

Moreover, the yacht company will usually be accommodating enough to listen to your needs and requirements when putting together the wedding. For instance, if you’re in need of food catering – you can make your request upon sending your booking or enquiry.

As for wedding planner-wise, entertainment, and so on – you’ll just have to check with your private yacht charters company.

If you do plan on getting married on a boat, you won’t regret your decision for one second. Not only will you have gorgeous views as a backdrop and an exclusive experience, but you’ll also create an unforgettable memory that a stationary wedding venue won’t be able to top.

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