5 Interesting Busted Myths You Need To Know About

Social media platforms and online forums are the places to go to if you’re looking for a heated discussion about music in general. While some myths sound reasonable, others are straight-up ridiculous. If you’re guilty of indulging in such myths, then read on as we debate if they’re simply a fact, or fiction.

Myth 1: High-end guitar picks produce better sounds and are easier to play

Guitar picks are a thin and flat piece of plastic, tortoiseshell or other flexible material used to pluck the strings of a guitar or other musical instruments. Some guitarists make do without a pick as they use their fingers instead, but in the long run, a guitar pick gives you a brighter and more consistent tone. If you’re starting out with some adult guitar lessons, you might make do with a random pick from the jar at a guitar store. However, try investing in a good quality guitar pick. The way the picks glide over the strings and the feel of it on your fingers make a world of difference despite its small size.

Verdict: Fact

Myth 2: Skill is measured by how long you’ve been playing

While a professional may have more experience than an amateur, skill is not measured by how long you’ve been playing. In fact, skill is measured by how often you play. Ultimately, you only reap what you sow. So, if you’re consistent in your practice, then it’ll reflect when you play the instrument.

Verdict: Fiction

Myth 3: Musical talent is innate, not acquired.

Most people believe that musicians are born with a natural ability to play music – which is false. The common factor between a professional musician and a musician who’s just starting out is the amount hard work and effort that goes on behind the scenes. You can never be too old to pick up a new hobby such as learning a new musical instrument! Take drums for an example. If you look close enough, you’ll find many music courses available in Singapore that offer drum lessons to help you get started!

Verdict: Fiction

Myth 4: Avoid cheese before you sing

Unfortunately, this myth is true. It’s best to stray away from all dairy products like milk and butter because this could result in unwanted acid reflux which slides through your oesophagus to burn your vocal cords. On top of that, dairy products are notorious for producing mass amounts of phlegm. The last thing you want while singing, is distractions in the form of having to clear your throat every now and then.

Verdict: Fact

Myth 5: Having a wide vocal range makes you a better singer

Singing requires a highly coordinated affair of mechanism and coordination so that your voice can reach its maximum efficiency and vibrate freely. Singing well has nothing to do with range. Being a good singer means being able to sing beautifully within your own capability. But in most cases, people who have trained long enough to attain a wide vocal range also trained to sound good. If you’re feeling inspired to sing well but isn’t sure how to start, then enrolling yourself in vocal lessons could do the trick. Your vocal coach will identify your voice quality and type so you could belt out to your favourite songs effortlessly.

Verdict: Fiction


We’re sure most of us read myths as a form of guilty pleasure. However, be sure to take them with a grain of salt. Learn how to indulge in them with a critical mind. No matter how believable or unbelievable it sounds, you should conduct further research online or by asking professionals.

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