Office Space Rental: 4 Things You Need to Consider

Whether you are a start-up company looking for a small business space for rent or an established business looking to relocate or find additional office, finding a facility that fits perfectly into your business’ needs can be tricky.

Renting the right office rental space is vital to your business’ growth and function. It should be able to support your team and handle your operations smoothly. Below are some of the things you need to consider to find the right space that fits your business.

Business location

Where your workspace is located can be advantageous to your business. Firstly, it increases accessibility for your clients and business prospects to head down to the location conveniently. In a location where it is situated near residences or has higher footfall, this also enables your company to gain higher visibility and increase brand awareness.

Most people prefer somewhere in the central area where it is more convenient, however there are plenty of small business spaces for rent in the city fringe area where it is still accessible via expressways and public transport. At the same time, employees also prefer an office location that can be easily accessed by private and public transport to ease daily commute.

Amenities in the surrounding area

Get to know more about the office location you have narrowed down to – find out what are the amenities and facilities available nearby. Having plenty of eatery options, retail shops and greenery can enhance your day-to-day working environment. A location that has many thriving businesses in the area is also a good sign to boost your business opportunities and growth.

Nothing provides a good landscape view like an office location opposite the park. Our property at the former Firestation in Bukit Timah offers just that – lush greenery with close proximity to The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Park. The premises house 9 blocks that are supported by F&B outlets and retail stores, as well as enrichment and lifestyle-related businesses for both adults and children. You can find a number of units available for rent, with an average size of 543 sqft and going up to 1,161 sqft. Most units come bare, with attached toilet and window, so you can design the space up to your liking. Facilities include 24-hour access and CCTV surveillance, free parking and accessibility to PIE and Beauty World MRT station for daily commute.

The size of the space

Calculate how much space you need for your business at the moment, as well as considering any growth in the future. Take note whether you will be needing any extra storage space for files and documents, and additional space requirements for meeting rooms and a pantry area. The office also need to have sufficient space to accommodate all your team members comfortably, in an office plan layout that is optimum for everyone.

Additional facilities

Some office rental spaces come with added benefits which can help you save costs and add more value to your lease. Typical facilities include housekeeping services as well as security and access to ensure your office unit is well taken care of. This allows you to worry less about getting certain things set up for the new space and focus more on running your business smoothly.

Our property at 10 Raeburn Park offers extra features that tenants can benefit from, such as childcare services, common shower facilities and bicycle rental. It is a lifestyle and office hub with various commercial and serviced offices for rent. Located within walking distance of Outram MRT, the property has small business offices for rent which are also suitable for ancillary office purposes, ranging from 390 to 3,553 sqft. Units are furnished with lighting, aircon, glass door and windows – there is also access to complimentary meeting room facilities. Tenants can enjoy the tranquil green environment, with close proximity to the CBD. Other facilities available include 24-hour CCTV, season parking and in-house F&B.

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