4 Simple Activities To Bond The Family During COVID-19

From schools to offices, the initial Circuit Breaker measure has led to closing most places in order to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

The crisis has not only affected the economy – but it has changed our daily routine. Even our food habits have changed according to the available groceries.

In times of crisis, it is getting difficult for people to find the motivation to keep going (especially the ones who are supposed to work from home). Without a doubt, one thing that will keep you motivated and energised every day is some quality time with your loved ones!

Usually, it is tough for people to schedule family get-togethers amidst all the work responsibilities. But, the pandemic has gotten us closer to our families. So, why not make the best of this time and create some amazing memories with our loved ones?

This time, we’ll be skipping our usual articles regarding getting fully furnished apartments to rent for your temporary or long-term accommodation. Instead, we’ll be introducing a few ways to spend time with your family amid this crisis!

Workout every day

Do not let the movement restriction keep you from practising your workouts and meditation!

Even the simple meditation steps will refresh your mind and free your body from tension.

Instead, make it a habit of practising your favourite exercise every day at home. Or better yet – ask your family members to join in!

Even if you aren’t sure how to exercise at home – it’s no big problem at all! Simply, check out online workout videos from celebrities and fitness experts – there’s definitely something basic for beginners.

What’s more, exercise and meditation is the best way to start your day. It’ll keep you motivated the whole day, and the best part is – there’s nothing to lose, except for some extra pounds!

Play games

While the global pandemic has affected your social life, it has brought you closer to your families – in a sense that more quality time is spent together during this period

For instance, it is as simple as rolling a dice and competitively scrambling to beat one another amid a game of classic, Monopoly

After all, board games are the best pastime in times of crisis. Good-old, all-time favourite board games include Ludo, Uno, Housie, and Carom

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for some modern games – the list will continue to go on and on! There are the hilariously nonsensical Cards Against Humanity, hair-raising Exploding Kittens, to even our very own local card game, The Singaporean Dream.

In a way, making a purchase on one of these board games can even help other businesses – particularly Board Game Cafes, game or toy stores.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get in all the fun and look for a new board game to try out with your family!

Try to learn new skills

Now is the right time to practice something new that you have always wanted to try.

With all the time on hand right now (aside from schooling or working) – you could learn a new skill like cooking, singing, or even dancing!

If cooking is up to your alley – let your inner MasterChef come to life and cook a feast for your family.

Check some delicious and easy online dinner recipes to improve your cooking skills and surprise your family with a scrumptious meal. Bake a chocolate cake or prepare a chilled strawberry milkshake.

No matter how big or small the meal, snack, or beverage is – it’s the effort and thought that counts! So, whip out something extra special and let them savour the taste of your newly made creation.

Help with the cleaning

Always keep in mind that how tidy and organised space matters in the overall efficiency and productivity when it comes to working or studying.

Regular cleaning will create a fresh and pleasant atmosphere in your place, creating a conducive environment!

So, with the spare time, you have on hand – go on and help your family with the cleaning. You could also divide the cleaning tasks like vacuuming, dishes, laundry, floor and windows cleaning, and other such tasks among your family members.

While the current circumstances don’t allow for much proper social interaction with colleagues or friends – the closest you can get to actual socialising is with your beloved family members. So, take this precious time to keep your bonds tighter than ever before.

We still going strong, and our operations will still proceed as normal, with current housemates receiving access to our long term serviced apartments still. However, we will still need your help in adhering to the implemented guidelines for one to keep themselves and others safe.

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