4 Kinds Of Bed Frames That Double As Extra Storage Space

Did you know that your bed takes up the most amount of space in your bedroom, aside from all other furniture? That makes your bed one of the most important aspects of bedroom organisation! If you are looking to maximise the space in your bedroom and you aren’t sure where to begin, you can always start with your bed.

With a storage bed, you can ensure that your bedroom will look neat and tidy without any clutter. You can save more space for your furniture or room decoration while keeping it minimal. You can also save on additional furniture costs, as you can use your bed as your closet and drawer for all of your belongings. If you’re ready to get started with your bedroom organisation, here are 4 types of storage bed in Singapore that may be ideal for you!

1. Storage Beds With Drawers

For individuals looking to keep all of their belongings in a neat little space, a storage bed with drawers is an ideal option. As the storage space is not all too big, you can certainly use them for smaller, folded up items. For instance, clothes, cushions, pillowcases, and linens can be placed and folded neatly to maximise the space in each drawer. This will also help you to avoid cluttering things up in your room.

If you have kids, storage bed drawers are also perfect for them to store all of their toys, books and games that are lying around. It is also an excellent way to encourage them to keep things neat and tidy, and show them the magic of a clean bedroom!

2. Hydraulic Storage System

With hydraulic storage system beds, you’ll have a much bigger space to store all of your larger-sized belongings. Fitted with a hydraulic mechanism, you can lift the entire mattress to access ample space for storage. They are similar to lift up storage beds where you have a much bigger space and more compartments. Hydraulic storage systems can be helpful in keeping your shoes, shoe boxes, photo books, and other bulky belongings that may take up much more space.

Having a bigger storage space can also help you and your partner organise both of your items into ‘his’ and ‘hers’, or even be re-purposed to fit your hobbies! For instance, you could use the storage space to put all of your collection of books, board games, collectible items and more, giving them a special area for storage without cluttering up your bedroom.

3. Headboard Storage Bed Frames

There are a few storage beds in Singapore that come with additional headboard storage, in addition to storage drawers on the sides. There are also similar storage bed frames with a separate headboard entirely.

Many individuals who delve into night reading can use the headboard storage to place their books, reading light, glasses, or even a glass of water to hydrate themselves during the night. It is ideal for individuals looking for an easy retrieval storage without having to leave the bed.

4. Deep Storage Bed Frames

Deeper storage bed frames can provide more ample space than the previous two options, but they come with an increase in height. This larger bed frame with storage goes well for couples seeking even more space to put all of their belongings into. A deeper space can allow for the storage of suitcases, luggage bags, locked boxes of memorabilia, seasonal clothing – allowing you to save floor space by combining sleep and storage in one place.

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When it comes to finding the right type of storage bed, you should always understand how much space you need. Rather than seeking the most in-depth storage possible, you should find one that can both suit your needs and award you with a clutter-free bedroom.

By keeping your bedroom organised with a storage bed frame, you can save on furniture costs and ensure that you have enough room for everything else. Shop today and find a complementing mattress to go along with your ideal storage bed frame!

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