5 Useful Ways To Keep The Peace At Home Amid COVID-19

With the current COVID-19 pandemic right now – most, unfortunately, can’t properly revel in the experience and joy of a fully serviced apartment, as one will not have the opportunity to be a social butterfly and interact with others.

However, doom and gloom will not last forever – the storm will pass, and we’ll be able to get through this difficult period of time if everyone joins their hands together! For now, what we can do is follow the Circuit Breaker guidelines closely, and keep ourselves healthy and safe.

Once it is completely safe to step out without putting on a mask – you can make merry with others again. When that happens, here’s how you can do a little more as a housemate to perk up your fellow neighbours!

Have a friendly attitude

Without a doubt, a chirpy, amiable attitude is the way to go when you’re meeting someone new!

It is a great idea for you to know your neighbours a little better and sometimes, even invite them over for a cup of tea or coffee. Especially if you’re new around the area, it’ll help you get to know the norms and conventions of the neighbourhood as well.

Maintain cleanliness

Keeping your own space spick and span is an excellent habit, but if you brought this habit outside of your room and to the building and environment – it’ll be twice as wonderful!

Particularly, if you’re going to say in one of the long term serviced apartments – adopting this habit will be sure to help you in the long run. A messy room will only cause stress levels to rise, and it even eliminates germs which are harmful to your health and immune system, which may cause illnesses to pop up.

Meanwhile, if you make an effort to pick up any random trash you see on the ground or offer a helping hand after your housemate is done with cooking – others will appreciate the kind gestures, for sure!

It’ll even leave a good impression on them, and you are bound to make new friends when you do your part in cleaning.

Be respectful

Respect – of any form, is highly appreciated in any society out there. Regardless of one’s background and culture – you should always remain respectful towards your housemate!

In the event that you’re engaging in a conversation or friendly debate, and both parties have opposing views – listen to their side or agree to disagree. It’s a win-win either way because you’re respecting their point of view or concluding that both sides make sense.

When you respect the feelings and attitudes of other individuals in the neighbourhood, it will help in creating harmony in the given society.

Socialise with your housemates

The one thing for sure to create a comfortable atmosphere amongst the rest of your housemates is to start socialising with them!

It could be as simple as throwing a party, taking part in ice-breaker activities, or regular events arranged by your respective serviced apartment host. Show that you’re making an effort to know more about your housemates, engage in small talk and slowly develop your relationships with them.

Interaction may be hard at the start, especially if everyone’s already chummy with one another – but, if you make the first move and be sincere while conversing – your efforts will bear fruit!

Try doing something nice

Nice and kind gestures are welcomed by all. For making the most of the opportunity by being a good housemate, it is recommended to exchange kind actions as well as words.

If you’re an expert at cooking, whip up some quick bites for everyone to share, alongside a couple of drinks and have a swell time getting to know each other better! Or perhaps, you could drop a motivational or inspirational note at their door or as you’re passing by a housemate to give them a little boost on that day.

There are many ways for you to be kind towards another, and as you do so – it helps in creating a sense of togetherness while being housemates to each other.

Since the Circuit Breaker initiative, socialising and interacting with others has transformed greatly. However, once the storm blows over – you can finally return to being a social butterfly!

As for now, we all should do our part by staying home, keeping ourselves healthy, and avoiding contact with others as much as possible for the sake of everyone. Meanwhile,  will still proceed with regular operations, and existing housemates can still use our serviced apartments. We encourage residents to follow the implemented rules closely to do one’s part in fighting off the pandemic.

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