4 Tips For Designing An Office That Ignites Creativity

If you have just rented an office for a start-up in Singapore, the idea of exploring an office space is enticing. This is especially if your goal is to inspire innovation, influence people’s behaviour and guide your team’s actions.

Are you keen on exploring the idea of an office design that inspires innovation?

If so, here’s what you can do.

1. Plan Around People

There’s much hullabaloo about aesthetics when designing an office and its layout. However, the main focus of any design and layout should be people. Whether you opt for a traditional office or a flexible office space, the bottom line is, how well does it serve the intended people?

You can find out through conducting surveys and analysing workflows; engage team members about what they like and what they do not like. Gather as much information as possible on how well the present layout and design complements employees’ activities and what can be done to improve.

Afterwards, make use of these information to design the relevant office spaces that complement work activities and encourage innovation.

2. Be Flexible

While the concept of working in a distracting environment is not appealing, many young people in Singapore prefer open spaces to cubicles and isolated workstations.

Nonetheless, designing an office space that has separate areas for privacy and collaborative work has more demerits than merits.

Consider designing a workspace that is flexible and responsive to changing needs. For instance, if there is a project that will require collaboration between the accounting team and sales department, your design should accommodate both teams so that work can flow smoothly, and the two teams can execute the strategy steadily.

3. Mingle with Nature

Consider incorporating nature in the office design. This includes plants and other natural elements. Studies have shown that the sight of nature such as flowing water and plants refreshes our minds and triggers the release of the pleasure chemical Dopamine, albeit in little quantities. When employees hang around office spaces with designs that incorporate nature, they are happier, more innovative, and able to collaborate better.

4. Consider the Future

Right now, you may be looking at a small rental office for your start-up. However, it is important for you to consider the future.

Is your business growing? Will the current office space be sufficient for your team six months into the future?

If your answer is no, consider getting more flexible office space to accommodate the growth trajectory. Everything in the office design should reflect a growing business so as not to stifle employees. Let the workspace design and layout communicate and reflect the company’s growth as well as future ambitions.

To conclude, the effect of office designs on the creativity, morale, and productivity of employees is enormous. Office designers should take into consideration the above aspects of the office to maximise productivity.

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