Reasons To Start Purchasing Your Mattresses Online

Just last week, we see industries and businesses gradually begin to resume their operations during the Phase 1 of post-circuit breaker in Singapore. While this means that most people still have to remain indoors at home and limit physical contact with others, they can continue to rely on the convenience and ease of online shopping.

This isn’t just limited to everyday essentials like food and groceries. We are still here for you with our range of mattresses to support your need for a restful sleep. If you’re looking to change up the look of your bedroom, our mattresses come in several sizes to fit your brand-new storage bed.

Our Gallery and Boutique stores are still currently closed during Phase 1 but we bring our mattress catalogue online to make your shopping experience for a luxurious mattress easier and simpler.

Check out the 5 essential benefits of shopping for mattresses online.

 1. Free & Fast Delivery

 Free and fast delivery is one of the most important benefits of shopping for mattresses online. This is usually a factor that many consumers are looking for – they want to receive their purchased items fast. Besides receiving their goods in a timely manner, they also wish to enjoy more savings with the perk of free delivery.

While the usual period takes typically a few working days, we provides immediate delivery. As we carry ready stock of our mattresses, this means customers no longer have to wait for a few days, weeks or even a month to have their choice of mattress delivered to their doorstep. With our free delivery, you don’t have to fret about any additional costs or going out of budget – online shopping for your favourite mattress becomes easier cheaper, and indeed much quicker!

2. 24/7 Convenience

Physical stores operate on a given period with specific opening and closing hours. This means you might have to make time to head to the store, and rush in between appointments during your busy day.

But with online shopping, the website stays running 24/7 which allows you to search, compare and order your choice of mattress at any time during the day. Especially during the Covid-19 period, this convenience extends to online shoppers who can now find what they’re looking for at the comforts of their home and shop at their own pace.

3. Free Bedding Accessories

Shopping for a new mattress won’t be complete without some bedding accessories. You need everything to elevate the comfort level of your bedroom and turn it into a peaceful sanctuary.

When you make an online purchase, you’ll stand to enjoy free bedding accessories to customise, shape and tune to your very own sleep environment. So, if you’re intending to buy from our Chiro Series, you get to save more cash from having to purchase additional items to complete your bed! At the same time, why not get rewarded with some freebies for this one-off purchase?

Check out our Chiro Optima mattress – fitted with Double Offset LFK Spring and High-Density Foam Encasement, making it a suitable mattress for lower back pain to help alleviate aches for uninterrupted sleep.

4. Avoiding Crowds

Nothing is more dreadful than the sight of crowds when you’re trying to make an important purchase. Can you imagine standing in line with over a dozen people to pay for your item – it is tiring and time-consuming! And with the current situation, we know how sensitive consumers are in maintaining their physical distance.

But with online shopping, you can avoid wasting your time waiting in queue and take those extra minutes to decide on the right memory foam mattress for you! With just a click of the mouse, you can cart out, make payment, and wait for your mattress to reach your home – without facing any crowds.

5. Cheaper Prices

It is not uncommon for you to find higher prices in brick-and-mortars for the same item as compared to online. Businesses incur more operational expenses when they set up their physical stores. But for online stores, the savings are passed down to consumers which means you get to enjoy lower prices!

For the same memory foam mattress that you see in stores, you can expect to pay much lesser. Coupled with our free and fast delivery, buying a new mattress for your bed frame with storage gets much more affordable without breaking the bank.


 As you stay home and stay safe during this post circuit breaker period, you can continue to revitalise your sleep environment and your sleeping experience!  Shop online mattress store and don’t miss on these benefits to make your online shopping experience better, cheaper, simpler, and quicker!

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