How Much Should You Spend On Engagement Rings?

The engagement ring is one of the popular rings all over the world. People in Singapore are willing to spend more money on engagement rings. This is the first formal gift for life partners so they try for high quality and more expensive.

If we look at the price of the 1 Carat Diamond Ring then it would be very expensive and you will pay around $6,000 to over S$36,000. The cost of the ring depends upon the size and weight of your ring. There are many surveys that people spend $2,000 and $5,000 on engagement rings in Singapore. However, some people afford more costly rings for life partners. If we examined the study of Knot 2019 the Jewelry and Engagement Study the ring average cost is around $6000. If you know the exact amount of money then there would be different factors.

However, the cost may vary for different rings. There are different styles of rings for engagement purpose but you can choose any style according to your demand. The size and weight of the ring are key factors in the cost of rings. There are different gold markets in Singapore that deal with the engagement rings. Many people in Singapore prefer to give the gold ring instead of diamond rings. These gold rings are very and you can choose any style. You can see different options of rings in gold markets in Singapore. Many people buy gold rings online but the best way to buy the engagement rings is to buy from the jewelry store in Singapore.

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