Reward Yourself With A Short & Enjoyable Getaway Destination

Singapore is the best place to visit as you can see the following famous weekend Gateways from Singapore.

1. Desaru, Malaysia

This is one of the best places in Singapore that is suitable for the weekend. It will take one hour to reach this place. This is the best place which is known for different golf. There are many beautiful beaches. There are many golf courses and luxury resorts. You can see the beautiful snorkeling and surfing place. You can see the rapidly developing tourists.

2. Malacca, Malaysia

Malacca is also a beautiful beach and it is considered as the best place for a weekend gateway. You can reach this place within one hour. It is the best place for Portuguese. You can see the culture and historic place. There are many historical places and you will enjoy this place with your family.

3. Bintan Island, Indonesia

It is also considered as the best place for a weakened gateway as you can reach at this place within 50 minutes. You can enjoy the service of the ferry. There are two twins’ islands. This is one of the popular places for sea turtles. For couples that just got married, you should also check out cheap maldives holiday packages.

4. Krabi, Thailand

This is the home of pristine beaches and islands. You can reach this place in two hours. There are two beaches like Phra Nang and the Andaman Sea. There are different things to do as it is one of the famous places. There are many parks around this place so you can enjoy yourself with your family members.

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