The 4 Considerations When Choosing Living Room Curtains

When looking for curtain designs for your living room, some of the factors to consider are colour, texture, design, and your very own preference. The living room curtains should complement the colour of certain elements in your home. For example, any wall or wallpapers you might use, and flooring customisations such as vinyl flooring. Beautiful window curtains renew the look of your living room. However, many people do not know how to choose the best curtains for their living rooms. Here are are a few simple tips for choosing the best curtains for your living room.

Material for The Curtain

One of the most important things to consider when buying a curtain for your living room is the material used. Curtains are not things you would often change in your home. Therefore, you need something with a considerably longer lifespan. If you are looking to decorate your living room with a formal sense, cotton or linen would be a perfect choice for you. However, if you are looking for a frivolous material, lightweight fabric is ideal. With material choice, your taste and preference matter a lot.

Privacy and Lighting

When purchasing curtains for your living room, two of the most important factors to consider are privacy and the amount of light you would want in your living room. When your living room looks dark due to its size, the use of a sheer would be recommended. Sheers gives a transparent effect and privacy. While you can see someone from the inside, they cannot see you from outside. For big living rooms, the sturdier fabric would be recommended since the room already has enough light. However, if you still feel that your office needs adequate light despite its size, you can always go for sheers.

Curtains Appearance

Curtains are essential for your living room décor. Therefore, you have to consider its colour texture and appearance. Before choosing curtains to take home, you should find the floor colour, furniture, and the size of your living room. Compare some of these colours on the market. If anything of your liking is not available in the market, you could order custom made curtains from a curtain company in Singapore. The motif of the curtains is also an essential factor to consider. You can go for plain curtains with unique motifs in them if you’d like.

Opting for Flexibility

Due to the climate variation in Singapore, you need curtains that offer flexibility when it comes to lighting. You need shades that provide maximum light adjustment, that provide maximum light change for different times or days. Drapes virtually soften the appearance of ordinary blinders while adding some style to the living room. Hard-edged appearance, for example, would look bland without a light blue drapery.


While functionality is essential, the curtains should look as inviting as possible. The look of your curtains makes the room a place you would want to hang out in. Go for curtains with natural tones like blue, brown, and beige. As you consider all these factors, remember not to put your style aside. Drapery is perfect for you if you are all about class, vintage, homely, and a cosy atmosphere. However, you should opt for blinds if you are more reserved and a minimalist.

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