3 Reasons Why Serviced Apartments Are More Attractive:

When you’re looking for a place to stay – which do you go for; a serviced apartment or a regular apartment?

It can be a mind-boggling decision if you’re planning to move into a new flat next week or it’s going to be a long term stay. If the latter is the case, there are long term serviced apartments available for you to pick from.

However, in general – serviced apartments do have a bit of an upper hand when it comes to the entire stay. Be it maintenance, flexibility or costs – there’s plenty to look forward to if you’re opting for serviced apartments instead of regular apartments.

Without further ado, let’s give these three factors a closer look and see how you can benefit from staying in a serviced apartment over a regular apartment.


Standard apartment

When it comes to a regular apartment, it is pretty much common knowledge that you’ll have to maintain and clean your room on your own; which includes sweeping, mopping, changing of bedsheets, and whatever remaining house chore there is.

It can be exhausting especially after a hectic day at work or school; which can take a toll on you when you want to do your chores.

Moreover, if there is a plumbing or any other maintenance issue – it might take a while for the landlord to get back to you as engaging a professional takes time.

Serviced apartment

On the flip side… you’re in good hands with a serviced apartment.

Rest assured that every one of the serviced apartments is properly cleaned by professionals and kept spick and span throughout your entire stay. Even if it’s a matter of fresh, new towels or linen – simply inform the host. and he or she will assist you right away.

Ran into a problem with your toilet or your air conditioner? The dedicated staff will get to the root of the problem and deal with the problem straight away!


Standard apartment

What if a sudden problem crops up at the main office branch, or you have an urgent matter to attend to back home?

Either way, you have to make arrangements to travel back, and you may not be able to stay for the next few months which you’ve initially agreed on. At the same time, if you would like to extend your stay at the very last minute; it may not be possible.

That case, you may have to resort to finding alternative accommodation.

Serviced apartment

As for serviced apartments, hosts and the management are relatively flexible with any change to the stay.

Typically, you may extend or shorten your duration of stay if you were to run into personal matters which you have to deal with.

However, do note that certain terms and conditions may still apply. So, it’s best that you approach the staff right from the beginning to understand what the requirements are before you decide on renting a flat.


Standard apartment

Sometimes, not everything is covered in the bills. Depending from landlord to landlord – you may have to manage certain expenses on your own.

For instance, a maintenance issue involving a piece of furniture in your room may have to be paid on your own. Similarly, the costs for Wi-Fi or electricity expenses may have to be paid separately.

However, remember – this is dependent on the landlord. Some will include the other costs (lighting, electrical, broadband, and so on) with your rental costs, while others may prefer to charge them separately. Check the terms and conditions or discuss with the landlord to understand what you are paying for.

Serviced apartment

Meanwhile, serviced apartments offer all-inclusive rates – comprising water, utilities, electrical, and Wi-Fi expenses.

The rental price is final – there won’t be any hidden costs which you may have to pay for. All you will need to do is just manage your own living expenses; transport, meals, and so forth.

If the idea of staying in a serviced apartment is appealing to you – then it’s time you start searching for a fully serviced apartment so you can make the most out of your stay!

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