Discovering The 4 Truths About Serviced Apartments

Just like coworking – serviced apartments were a whole new concept where some deemed delightful while others begged to differ.

Some argued that it would only stay as a niche or the hype over this all-new stay would be temporary.

However, now it has been adapted and accepted broadly – many see it is an ideal accommodation choice for all kinds of purposes; business travel, family vacation, or even soul-searching.

Still, some are still unsure if a serviced apartment makes for a suitable stay. So, let us do the favour of clearing any doubts you have right now by demystifying the common myths about serviced apartments!

Myth 1: Caters to a specific group

Solely dedicated to digital nomads, single individuals or budding entrepreneurs only?

You’ve got it all wrong.

That was probably back when serviced apartments wasn’t a solid concept in society yet. The truth is that serviced apartments do not cater to any niche audience in terms of backgrounds and beliefs.

The only values and beliefs you’re going to find here are tolerance and open-mindedness as they’re known to be an imperative part of community-based living.

While they certainly do attract expats, digital nomads and the sort even more – serviced apartments are still perfect for anyone looking for a whole new accommodation experience.

Anyone who wants to mix around with people of different cultures and enjoy a comfortable yet affordable stay can definitely give serviced apartments a try!

Myth 2: Similar to a dorm or hostel

Without a doubt, serviced apartments are just as ideal for students – as they are for young adults and business workers.

But does that mean you’re going to get bunk beds, have your space crammed with three to four other roommates, or be short of any facilities? Will you be seeing the same-old mates from your educational institution either?

Definitely not.

What you’re going to get is sufficient living space filled with numerous facilities for an enjoyable stay. The goodness includes shared dining and kitchen spaces, a spectacular gym, cosy beds, personal toilet, workstations, and many more!

There’s nothing you can’t find in these fully serviced apartments.

As for companion-wise – you’re going to be sharing the space with all kinds of professionals from various fields. Travellers, freelancers, management executives – all these are just some out of the many people you’re bound to meet!

Myth 3: No choice of privacy

Not even close to the truth.

Serviced apartments may have plenty of communal spaces for residents to mingle with one another – but that’s just half of the picture painted out.

What they really are is a mix of privacy and community under one roof. These places do promote socialising and interaction but still – they always ensure a degree of privacy for their residents.

Think of it this way – you get to make a couple of new buddies – but when you want your alone time; all you’ve got to do is close the door shut and there comes your peace and quiet.

Myth 4: A completely new concept

Ask those in the 70s if serviced apartments are a new concept – and they’ll tell you that its existence has been around for a long time.

Truthfully, it’s nothing new – the only difference from then and now is that serviced apartments have finally made a name for themselves and are becoming more apparent.

That said, it’s bound to reach greater heights and bring forward even more perks to current and future residents in time to come.

Hopefully, we’ve managed to clarify all your doubts regarding serviced apartments. When it comes to furnished apartments for rent – you should know that this accommodation concept is perfect for just about anyone; be it young working adults, couples or students. So, go ahead and try out a serviced apartment if you’ve always wanted to do so!

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