8 Body Hair Facts That Will Have You Consider SHR Treatments

When it comes down to body hair removal, the struggle is real.

And we 100 percent feel you – which is why we have come up with a list of 8 interesting, good-to-know facts about body hair, and why they build such a strong case for investing in a laser hair removal treatment!

Fun fact #1: The growing phase for body hair is a lot shorter than the growing phase of hair on the scalp.

4 to 6 months versus 3 to 7 years, to be exact.

Thankfully, this means that our body hair will never grow as long as the hairs on our head. However, this fact extends to other parts of our body as well, meaning to say that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to removing body hair.

Well, unless you are talking about laser hair removal. Ideal for all areas of the body, here’s a mini fun fact for you: at Datsumo Labo, we actually offer over 22 treatment areas for our customers!

Fun fact #2: Asian hair tends to grow the fastest among all ethnicity groups.

This can be both good or bad news – but it shouldn’t pose as a problem! These days, the best laser hair removal treatments are able to slow down the growth of your hair so it’s good news all the way!

We always like to remind our customers that laser treatments are at best, a semi-permanent solution – starting your journey early is key to seeing results as soon as possible!

Fun fact #3: Shaving does NOT actually cause hair to grow back thicker and coarser.

Don’t be a victim of this silly old wives’ tale – when you shave, you aren’t actually affecting the underlying hair follicle. Instead, it is simply an optical illusion that comes about when we perform our usual leg or underarm hair removalroutine – when growing out shaved hair it can often feel coarse and “stubbly” for a while, and it’s during this time that hair looks noticeable darker or thicker!

Fun fact #4: 7,718 is the average amount of times a woman will shave in her lifetime.

Compare that to just 4 to 8 sessions with Super Hair Removal (SHR)! Depending on your skin type, hair condition, and commitment levels – every individual will have a different experience.

And that’s really all you need to worry about. The nitty gritty details of your underarm and Brazilian hair removal? Let us handle it.

Fun fact #5: IPL is NOT laser.

Are you surprised? Most ladies tend to be misinformed and think that IPL hair removal treatmentis a type of laser treatment.

While they both work to kill the hair follicles in order to prevent hair from growing out, IPL actually utilizes a shorter wavelength of light energy that is spread out over a particular area – which is why it might not be as effective as compared to the intense light energy used in more advanced, SHR treatments.

Fun fact #6: The most common hair removal injury is due to razor use.

With 83% of injuries stemming from hair removal in the private areas, talk about ouch!

It isn’t uncommon to see ladies injuring themselves doing D.I.Y, at-home hair removal treatments – just one more reason why to get it done with a specialist! 

Fun fact #7: Your hair has a higher concentration of melanin than your skin.

Which actually forms the basis of how laser hair removal works. By using powerful pulses of light energy to target the melanin in your hair follicles – it is repeatedly damaged until it is unable to grow hair.

The melanin hair to skin ratio is important when it comes to laser hair removal – it is most effective when there is a greater color contrast between the two, making it easier for the laser to precisely target the pigments in your hair follicles.

As much as we are often envied for our light complexion, Asian skin actually produces more melanin than any other ethnicity – making it harder for older machines to effectively target melanin and increasing the chances of pigmentation and burns.

However, with our SHR treatment, there is no need to worry – all skin types are welcome to embark on their hair-free journey with us!

Fun fact #8: There is a growing (no pun intended) acceptance of leaving things au naturel.

More ladies are saying yes to #bodyhairdontcare!

While that is perfectly okay, there is still a handful of us who prefer to go hair-free.

Whichever path you choose, know that there is no pressure to pick a side. Embrace your body for all that it is – and body hair removal should be nothing but a stress-free affair!

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