4 Reasons Why Serviced Apartments Are The Ideal Stay

These days, tourists and travellers are looking for the best of both worlds; an out of the ordinary accommodation which doesn’t break the bank.

That’s where fully serviced apartments come in – from the first-rate facilities, homely atmosphere to the affordable accommodation costs – it makes for a perfect stay! Basically, if you’re looking for a ‘home away from home’ – serviced apartments are your best bet, for sure.

Now, let’s look into the reasons why travellers will definitely like a taste of how serviced apartments are like!

The rising popularity

Globally, the demand for a serviced apartment is growing at a rapid rate.

These apartments can be found in almost every country. We have ventured into Singapore, Myanmar, China, and Cambodia.

Their significant popularity is mainly due to three primary factors – quality, cost, and space. Expanding on this point, serviced apartments provide splendid facilities and services similar to the level of a hotel, offer economical fees, and a good amount of space to move about freely.

That said, these aren’t the only things serviced apartments are able to offer – let’s take a further look below:


Most of the times, you’ll find that the majority of furnished apartments for rent are strategically located at the heartlands in your choice of country.

It’s not just about indulging in the experience within your space – there must be surrounding spectacular amenities and entertainment that’ll make your stay an enjoyable one.

Bask in the atmosphere as a tourist would – visit a nearby distinguished restaurant for some exquisite fine dining or simply drop by one of the malls and go on a shopping spree. Remember, the choice is all yours!

Serviced apartments are usually nestled in almost every prime location in the country to match your taste and budget. Just do a little check and see what’s around the area, make your selection, and voila – your accommodation is all ready and booked.

All-in-one package

Gone are the days when traditional hotels were the number one pick for tourists – it’s time to make way for something new!

Serviced apartments make for a luxury stay facility that doesn’t make you feel like you’re far away from your home, at all. You can find everything under one roof.

You still get your share of privacy – filled with an array of amenities; your very en-suite bathroom, mini-fridge, bed, workstation, air conditioning, television, and many more. Psst, you get highspeed wireless fibre broadband, WiFi too!

Besides, these serviced apartments don’t lack in any way when it comes to facilities outside of your room either. You will be able to find shared dining spaces, a fully equipped and ‘Masterchef-styled’ kitchen, reading lounge with a conducive environment, and a state-of-the-art gym.

Last but not least, you can always count on the staff to help you with any issue – such as an electrical or technical fault.

Flourishing social life

Touching on the previous point of wide-ranging facilities exclusively for residents – the various communal spaces give people a chance to interact with one another.

You’ll find people of all sorts of nature or background – from students, entrepreneurs, to free-spirited souls – it’s the perfect place for people to gather around to chitchat and gain a new acquaintance!

Especially those in the business sectors – be it freelancers or management executives will stand to benefit even more from such interactions.

It’s an excellent way of expanding your network – and who knows? You may gather a buddy or two that’ll help you to gain more insights and grow your business even further!

By now, we hope you understand why a serviced apartment is bound to be a terrific accommodation option as a traveller. Book one soon and take in the wondrous experience yourself!

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