Serviced Apartments: What Attributes To Look Out For

Small and cramped hotel rooms? Exorbitant rental costs?

Bid goodbye to such inconveniences with the advent of serviced apartments! Its the perfect option for just about anyone; be it tourists, aspiring entrepreneurs, digital nomads, students, or even families!

These fully serviced apartments have all the luxury appliances and features of a home. To put it in another way – the building which houses serviced apartments have been smartly designed to make guests feel at home!

Due to this, fully serviced apartments are now becoming the first option for both visitors and business travellers because they do not have to sacrifice their convenience, privacy and tranquillity while travelling for vacation or work.

You can stay in such apartments throughout your trip and enjoy the best accommodation facilities with advanced features at reasonable rates! With that said, let’s have a look at the top features every traveller should look for in a serviced apartment before renting one.


Without a doubt, you absolutely have to check the location before you rent a serviced apartment – especially for businessmen and avid travellers who roam around the city frequently.

If you are a traveller, you must pick a serviced apartment close to the city’s major attractions and sightseeing spots. Similarly, businessmen will want to consider the apartments located near their companies.

No matter how lavish an apartment is, it won’t give a convenient experience if it’s located far from the main city. Spending hundreds of bucks and significant time on public transport is a big no – especially if you’re searching for long term serviced apartments.

That said, you must do thorough research about your apartment and its location before sealing the deal!

Special rewards

In this sense, we’re referring to special offers which are given to loyal customers.

Take some time to do your searching – and you may very well find a serviced apartment which rewards repeat customers.

From concessions, discounts to freebies – serviced apartments are always ready to present you with perks to ensure you get more value for your money!

You may even find that some serviced apartments greet their guests with proper grocery, fresh juices, snacks, and other exciting services that can really make your day after a long hectic trip!

Try to look for a serviced apartment that offers great guest experience with a comfortable stay facility.

Advanced facilities

Do you know what sets the serviced apartments apart from the regular hotels and rental homes for travellers?

Serviced apartments have advanced facilities such as a modern gym, stunning reading lounge, Wi-Fi and internet connection, communal dining spaces, and an equipped kitchen.

However, not all apartments have these facilities! Whether you are planning a short-term stay or weeks’ long accommodation – it’s up to you to check the available facilities in a serviced apartment to enjoy the best stay.


Another important factor to consider when selecting a serviced apartment is the receptionists and helpers.

Anyone can encounter problems while settling in a serviced apartment. A reputable apartment facility involves a 24/7 support service and qualified receptionists who are ready to look after your requirements until the end of your stay.

Should any problems arise; the receptionist must be ready to fix it for you!

By now, we certainly hope that you have some idea of renting the serviced apartment of your dreams! Let these tips give you a headstart, and an enjoyable stay is on its way.

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