3 Exciting Facts About Serviced Apartments You Should Know About

For those who are not familiar with fully serviced apartments; it’s a modern housing concept where people live under the same roof!

Excellent amenities, discovering people with similar interests, low rental costs – the perks are endless. Serviced apartments aren’t a new concept and it has been around for quite a few decades. Today, you will find a lot of students and professionals looking for serviced apartments.

Why do you think people are searching for serviced apartments rather than rental homes? Most importantly, do they need to compromise their privacy by sharing their apartment with other roommates? Are serviced apartments revolutionising the modern home concept? Let’s find the answers!

Astounding facilities

Whether serviced apartments are close to rural areas or urban citites – the one that stays the same are their facilities.

When put in simple terms, serviced apartments provides a space where different people decide to live together and share the rental cost. The host – also known as the landlord – brings these people together by providing them with the necessary accommodation facilities!

They aren’t just suited for digital nomads – but used by people from all walks of life. Not only professionals and entrepreneurs, but students and other creative people love the idea of serviced apartments.

After all – it is the best way to embrace the modern living concept!

Reasonable rates

There are many reasons why people prefer to live under the same roof with a couple of roommates but, the most common reason is affordability.

Serviced apartments are much cheaper than the regular rental homes where the rent itself costs a bomb. That said, they find that serviced apartments are quite affordable – while still enjoying many fantastic facilities.

For example, serviced apartments have separate rooms, a well-developed kitchen, necessary technical and electronic appliances, and even luxury areas such as a swimming pool.

A mix of privacy and interaction

Are you a social butterfly or do you tend to be a little shy at first?

No matter the case – it really doesn’t matter when living in serviced apartments! You get to let your extroverted self come to life and foster brand new relationships – or you can read a book in private in your room until you’re finally ready to take a step forward and interact with others.

Moreover, there’s an option for individual or shared rooms – all you have to do is take your pick! In these homes, interaction is seen in just about anywhere – such as in the shared dining space, gym, and reading lounge.

You can even go shopping, arrange a party, or watch movies with your housemates on the weekends. It’s the perfect way for getting to know different people, their cultures, their way of living, and their interests.

These days, there’s definitely more than meets the eye when it comes to furnished apartments for rent in Singapore. Have a taste of this lifestyle if you’re still on the lookout for a new home – temporary or for the long run!

This way fully serviced apartments in Singapore redefine the concept of modern homes.

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