Why Serviced Apartment Is A Better Option Than Regular Flat

Whether it’s for education, work or personal purposes – it’s always a daunting challenge to find a new home for those who are always on the move. Home sweet home is miles away, and a new place isn’t going to appear with a snap of a finger.

In other words, it’s time to stop idling away and start searching for a new home; frequent travellers, fresh homeowners, students and budding entrepreneurs – this is a shoutout to you all!

After countless research, you’re left with two options; a serviced apartment or regular flat – but which one’s better? At first glance, they seem a tad similar – but take a closer look, and you’ll realise there’s more than meets the eye; the differences are as plain as day!

Keep reading on, and we’ll fill you in on the key differences that separate the two to help you decide on which kind of stay to go for.

Rental obligations

Usually, regular flats are the primary choice for most of the migrators. There’s no doubt that flats can be a good option (as you can personalise them according to your requirements). However, these flats come with a hefty price tag. When you rent a flat, you get yourself into a long-term obligation under which you cannot move out on short notice.

Unlike regular flats, serviced apartments are specially designed according to traveller’s accommodation requirements. Within these co living spaces, you can use these apartments for as long as you have work or studies going on in a particular city. Once it’s done and dusted – you’re free to move out.


All sorts of options are spread across the entire map of the country; North, South, East or West. However, the better the location – the higher the price. As someone who recently moved into the city, it’ll be hard to pay off an expensive monthly rate; considering all the other expenses such as transport and food involved. Eventually, you’ll obtain a flat of your preferred location – but it’ll come at a heavy price.

Meanwhile, fully serviced apartments are already spotted in various heartlands to make everything much more convenient for residents! The best part is – prices don’t surge uncontrollably and still remain affordable. In that way, other amenities like shopping malls and nearby restaurants are easily accessible for residents as well.


In regular apartments, you’ll be able to find basic facilities and furniture within your room. However, you may not be able to enjoy some of them privately, such as the bathroom if you rent a room in an apartment; you’ll have to share with others. In other words, while you get to enjoy the same things as a serviced apartment – they’re not all to yourself.

The furnished room of the serviced apartments is the major factor that makes it stand out from the crowd; you basically have everything you need in one place! As a resident, you’ll find facilities like a workstation, free Wi-fi, bathroom – all for you to enjoy. That said, serviced apartments save you a lot of time and money that you’d otherwise need on furnishing your rental home. All you got to do is pack your bags and find some fully furnished apartments to rent and choose from!

Why pick serviced apartments

Of course, the overpriced hotel room is the last place where anyone staying in a city for a month or more would like to rent. Even the rented apartments can trap you in certain obligations.

Ultimately, we would say that the go-to option for those new to the city would be serviced apartments. The countless affordable service apartments will definitely help to ease your financial burden and let you focus more on your goals!

To be fair, regular flats do have their own perks, but when we’re talking about travellers, overseas students and new entrepreneurs; the latter (serviced apartments) are more suited for them.

Keep on searching for a serviced apartment and find out which one speaks to your heart!

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