What Exactly Is The Co Living Concept?

Which worker or teenager would want a rental apartment in a new city that takes up almost half of their salary? The answer is nobody.

Besides, these people often travel alone. So, there is no point in renting a huge apartment with three rooms. Living in metro cities can be quite costly, even if you are alone. There is not just accommodation rent, but food and maintenance costs can break the bank.

That is why most of the adults and teenagers prefer to live in co-living spaces. Before we discuss some consideration while living in co-living spaceslet’s have a quick look at the meaning of the co-living concept.

What is co living?

Unlike the regular flat and guest houses, co living space features a fully serviced apartment where a group of people lives together. They live under the same roof, but individual gets their own private room. This makes co living spaces a perfect apartment for people who like to socialise and interact with peers while maintaining a certain level of privacy.

Nowadays, co living spaces are preferred by professional and young workers who are ready to share the apartment with others. Depending on the budget and requirements, tenants can either opt for shared rooms or a separate room.

Staying in co living spaces

Aside from having a fully furnished apartment, tenants also get to enjoy the basic facilities and convenient amenities for a hassle-free lifestyle.

These spaces also have plenty of affordable apartments for rent to meet the budget of both professional and workers easily. Especially when they are shared by a group of people, individuals can enjoy the facilities at a much lesser cost.

So, if you are planning to stay in co living spaces, here are the different things you can enjoy:

Basic needs

No matter how luxurious or high maintenance a rental apartment can be, basic necessities are always needed to have a fulfilling lifestyle.

Simple things like Wi-Fi network and workstations are substantial for you to meet your day-to-day needs. Other than that, there are many contemporary demands of teenagers and adults such as television, proper lighting, cool furniture, and overall organised living space.

Even amenities like medical clinics, public transportation, F&B establishments and shopping malls are conveniently nearby too.

Reasonable rent

For both professional and workers, the rental price of the apartment is extremely important. They need it to be as low as possible for them to focus on other parts of their expenses – accommodation and miscellaneous expenses such as food and transport.

When it comes to that regard, serviced apartments within co living spaces are excellent in fulfilling that role.


Size plays a certain part when it comes to an apartment. Serviced apartments usually come in a size that is exactly like your own bedroom – so you don’t ever feel homesick.

While the overall space is important, other things also include bed size, amount of space on your work station, and wardrobe space. All of these factors are also equally considered when the serviced apartment is being set up.

In other words, the space is sure to fit within your needs.

Co living is exciting and ideal for both professional and workers; be sure to try it out if you’re ever looking for a temporary place to stay at! It offers tremendous benefits and makes itself out to be a cosy lifestyle for residents.

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