Stay Cool And Hydrated In Singapore With These Drinks!

And the temperature in Singapore is regularly reaching 35 ° C, so you’ll want to stay hydrated while exploring the city. When it’s time to have a drink, try to cool off with one of those drinks that are basically found in Singapore.

Kopi: Singapore-style coffee contains a double punch of caffeine and sugar; a lot of sweetened condensed milk is sent. There is nothing like kopi-Frappuccino (hmm … business idea!), But if you want it on the ice, ask “kopi beng”. Kopi can be found in all hawk centers, war tribunals and kopitium, and rarely costs more than S $ 1.20.

Herbal tea: A common sight is tea urns tea outside traditional medical stores in Chinatown Town. Tea is usually bitter for adding medicinal herbs, but it is good for what you give. Usually, there is Mandarin signage, but most buyers will explain the benefit of each tonic tea. I recommended chrysanthemum tea for its refreshing properties.

Barley water: Boiled pearl barley drink and rock sugar is a traditional Chinese medicine to reduce body heat, making it a popular drink in the hot weather of Singapore. Since it is very easy for your old man to pour barley water at home, but you can find it in coffee shops and hawk centers. The taste is soft but the texture is narrow, which certainly takes to get something.

Bandung: Look for this bright pink drink in Malaysian coffee shops like the ones found on Arab Street. Bandung, like Pepto-Bismol, may look like a mixture of milk and a true pink shrimp syrup. Sweet and sticky

Sugar cane sugar: A hand-folded press turns this tropical herb into a sweet and cheap drink. The sugarcane juice has a very light taste and many hawk stalls offer a fresh lemon option to kick. The best fresh beer and S $ 1–1.50 costs a cup of beer. Tiger: Innocent pale lager with 5% alcohol content, the Tiger is the official beer of Singapore since 1932. Whether you pay S $ 5 at the S $ 15 game center at the Clarke Quay bar is the same as the trout made by Breweries Asia Pacific in western Singapore. You can even enter a tour of the brewery.

Singapore Sling: the female drink is where one has been, a mixture of gene, brand of cherry, pineapple juice and gears, jewelry with pineapple and touch of cherry. Since most S bars cut at least $ 15 from Sling Singapore, you could cost an additional $ 10 to taste, as well as try one at the Bar at the Raffles Hotel, where it is allegedly created. There’s always a first time to visit marina bay sands rooftop for a drink as well!

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