IB Diploma Course For 16 To 19 Years Old Students

Once your child has not reached university age, young adults can obtain two higher education paths if they wish to continue their journey through the IB. The DP (not mixed with the dependent Pass!) Was created to serve students who have an excellent understanding, breadth and depth of a wide range of academic subjects and who have physical, intellectual, emotional and ethical qualities: PYP and MYP programs given previously to the student. PI students will study six subjects (three at the upper level and three at the standard level) and will be continuously evaluated for the duration of the program. They are also expected to complete a two-year course called Theory of Knowledge (TOK), create an additional Essay (EE) and be asked to participate in Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS). Do not worry, we can explain:

IB explained by known people
Do you still feel that it is painful (acknowledgment: one of ours has been studying the IB program for the past decade, and we are still not sure what it implies)? We talked with the directors of some IB Global Colleges to break down.

The IP is recognized as one of the most difficult drop-out grades in the world, so students who earn the IB Diploma course can continue their education in universities around the world, often with a high level of placement credit.

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