What To Know About Video Production For Corporate Websites

With businesses constantly evolving in their approach to online marketing, advertising, and many other purposes, video production companies in Singapore and globally are becoming a highly desired service as more and more corporations realise the importance and benefits of utilising videos in their marketing campaigns or advertisements.

With that in mind, in this article, we will take a look a quick look into what a video production service is, and how it can improve a website. Before getting into the nitty-gritty of video production, let’s define some terms.

Common video production types

 Video production service is the art of video shooting, editing as well as providing complete video production to clients. With the help of the top production houses, online business proprietors can craft their own to commercial TV advertisement videos, guidance & training videos, and many more. In addition, some film and video production companies also offer more diverse video services such as the filming of marriage ceremonies, sporting events, and many others.

The top video production companies do not only offer services such as filming and editing services. They may also provide services such as video syndication, workflows as well as processing techniques.

Commercial video production agencies are also accustomed to producing business videos for marketing or advertising purposes.

Phases of video production

A general video production service consists of the following phases:

Pre-Production – This is the first stage of the process involving arranging every detail related to a particular production. In this phase, once a project has received the green light, the video agency would begin sorting the important details such as cast members, financing, and the cinematographer and director.

Production –In this phase, capturing of the video content begins, and it is when the actors and the storyline portray the intended story or message in the video.

Post-production– Finally, when the post-production phase is entered, multiple video clips that have been captured will be combined in the video editing process to create the final completed product. The post-production phase entails editing, composing, taping, adding visual effects, acoustic developing, as well as sending the completed video to clients for approval.

How videos improve websites

Another important function of video production service is in online business marketing. Online video productions can help in marketing your website via rankings in search engines or through the many social media platforms. Publishing your videos on the Internet can also help to enhance the volume of search keyword that will direct clients to your website.

There are numerous methods that an innovative video making company can benefit your company in the competitive business world. It will be of great benefit to select the right video production company to help in the future.


Employing the best company to develop your online marketing video will not only drive traffic, but also it can help create a stream of income for your business. Above all, it can increase your online presence and help you establish a dedicated list of clientele.

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