International Vs Local Schooling: How It Differs

Singapore is the city of education, and you will find several international schools in Singapore. From the list of expert international school Singapore you can select the fortunate one. This writing will guide you to understand some basic subject matters of an international school in Singapore.

International versus National Schools: The curriculum of an international school in Singapore offers syllabus in various cultures, and it is not based on a certain nationality or ethnic group. The school makes a mixing curriculum of global education. The main goal is to transfer the universal syllabus and education system to the Singaporean kids. In Singapore, the international schools offer several systems, among them, International Baccalaureate (IB) or IB education Singapore is a wide program. IB offers PYP-Primary Years Programme, MYP-Middle Years Programme, and DP-Diploma Programme.

On the other hand, National Curriculum Schools offer the national education system and its syllabus. The education system emphasizes the home education system. This is the widest and most accepted curriculum in Singapore. The family education generally starts with the national curriculum, and students can enter higher education home and abroad after completing school.

After all, an international school in Singapore offers standard education, which is accepted globally. So, you have to consider some major aspects before choosing an international school for proper education.

Take a look at the curriculum it will ensure you the education syllable and system. You can compare the school fees and culture. The admission system and its process should be hassle-free. The subjects and language are also significant elements.

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