Guitar Chord Changing 101: It’s In The Muscle Memory

As a beginner, one of the most challenging aspect of guitar playing is how to effortlessly execute chord changes. It’s almost impossible to do this while strumming as you are not yet sure of the most important hand to focus on. Both of them are important so you need to focus on both. As you get more proficient, it will become automatic.

Regular practice and use of these techniques will make you better in no time. The truth is that as a beginner, you will find some chord changes easier than others and with practice, they will become automatic. Your muscle memory will begin to take effect.

In this basic guitar lesson, a way to quickly develop memory muscle to get started playing your favourite Singapore songs, is to fret a chord and practice lifting your fingers off the fretboard while keeping the fingers in the same chord shape. Place your fingers on the fretboard again in the same chord position. Pick the notes of the chord individually, letting them ring out and strum the chord while the fingers haven’t shifted.


  • Practice the chord change mechanics by switching with only one chord per strum.
  • Try to move your fingers at once, not one by one.
  • Keep your fingers close to the fretboard at all times in a nice cluster.
  • Look for shared fingers, clusters and slides.
  • Keep the pinky finger attached to the side of the third finger.

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