Learning A Language: Enriches Personal & Professional Life

Every day, we think about doing something new that will add a new dynamic aspect to our personal, as well as professional lives, and learning a new language is definitely one of them. However, most people are unable to convert their thoughts into action due to a lack of motivation or time. However, we will reveal to you some of the amazing benefits of learning a foreign language that will compel you to leave your couches and enrol in a language course today!

Association with new friends

 When you start speaking another language, you expand your reach to the world. You get past the language barrier and are able to communicate with people belonging to a different culture and country. This will help you in making new friends and adding their experiences to your life experience.  Also, when you enrol in a new language class like Japanese classes in Singapore, you make new friends who are potentially lifelong ones.

 Boosts self-confidence

When you learn a new language, your trust and confidence in yourself increase. When you push yourself to achieve seemingly unachievable goals, you give a positive signal to your brain— ‘Yes! I can do it!” Learning a new language is a fun and lively process that will really enrich your personality. You will be getting compliments from people who are only dreaming of learning a new language and furthermore, your horizons will be broadened.

Keeps your brain fit

Learning a new language is almost like a sport for your brain cells—it helps them to keep fit and stay away from premature ageing. A study conducted by University College London (UCL) states that learning a new language helps in increasing the density of grey matter in your brain, thereby boosting your memory and keeping diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia at bay. Why not take on some of the toughest languages to learn? If you’re up for the challenge, try and learn Mandarin in Singapore!

Your employers will love you

As the world today is turning into a global village, employers are willing to expand their reach to people living in different parts of the world. This is where multilingual employees have the edge over the monolinguals. When you enrol in courses like SkillsFuture Korean lessons, you increase your chances of employability. Being multilingual comes in number one out of the top eight criteria that employers nowadays are looking for in their employees.

You get paid more

Being multilingual can make your wallet happy too. Multilingual professionals can demand more lucrative salaries, and even the industry is willing to pay them so. According to a survey, the sectors that have the highest demand for multilingual professionals are sales, marketing, and the media.

You climb the promotion ladder faster

 In a globalised work environment, it is almost imperative that you speak at least two languages if you want to improve your profile and handle posts with more responsibilities. Companies are increasingly becoming more and more keen to venture out internationally and expect their employees to be able to communicate effectively with their clients from all around the world. Learning a language does not only teach you about that language’s grammar and vocabulary but also about its people’s culture, history, thinking pattern and traditions. When you deal with people belonging to different cultures, you learn and grow as an individual as well.

To sum it up, learning a new language can go a long way in enriching your personal and professional life. It will add a sense of adventure to your daily life, and reward you with bountiful success. Enrol in a foreign language course today!

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