A Guide To Singapore’s Most Popular Shopping Destinations

Singapore is a tiny island that is packed with more malls and shopping spots per square mile than any other country. It is easily one of the best shopping destinations in the world where you will be blown away by the sheer variety of things to buy in Singapore.

Some of the best places where you can shop in Singapore are:

Orchard Road

This 2.2-km stretch of road is one of the most popular shopping hubs in Singapore. It is home to designer brands like Paragon and ION Orchard. It also has cheap fashion and food stores as well like Lucky Plaza, which is quite a popular stop for bargain hunters. Stop by a brunch café for a quick break before resuming your fashion hunt!

Chinatown Street Market

Chinatown Street Market is a large shopping area which you can spend your whole day exploring. Right from bustling street-side eateries offering tasty and pocket-friendly delicacies to stalls selling traditional clothing, artwork, and candles, you will find almost everything here. Look out for Singapore’s best high tea spots which are in the area.


VivoCity is the biggest mall for shopping in Singapore. Quite true to its marketing tagline ‘lifestyle center’, VivoCity boasts of a plethora of bars and restaurants—including a halal buffet restaurant, an art gallery, an open-air playground, a roof amphitheater, and 15 cinema screens, all alongside an endless list of high street outlets.

Haji Lane

If you want to a shopping experience that is nothing like a mall, you can head over to Haji Lane. The hipster-haven is a narrow lane filled with vintage boutiques and stores. You will find many things to buy in this colorful lane. Home to many a unique restaurant, after dark, go to one along this lane for some light drinking and eating.

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