Methods To Take The Stylistic Appeal Of Your Home Up A Notch

Bored with the plain and simple appearance of your home? Thinking about adding some zing and pepping it up? If so, you’re in the right place. Read on to know how to take the stylistic appeal of your home several notches higher with wallpaper.

1. Bold and graphic prints

When you want to make a 100% modern statement, go for bold and graphic prints. You can select wallpaper that looks like it came straight from the future through the use of linear lines and the 3-D effects.

2. Artwork-like wallpaper

It is not necessary to cover your whole wall with wallpaper. You can make use of wallpaper in bits and pieces to give your room a rather sophisticated vibe. You can also get your favourite wallpaper framed and hung up to make a bold statement. This is a rather inexpensive and less labour intensive trick to make your living space look awesome.

3. Modern accents of wallpaper

You can choose pretty, neutral Korean wallpaper in the room and combine it with a modern mirror that will give it a perfect blend of elegance and modernity. You can also make use of some sophisticated-looking materials such as marbles, granites and others. Finally, add some modern accents to further accentuate the look.

4. Large scale prints

You can opt for larger than life prints for wallpaper in order to make it resemble an artwork. You’ll find plenty of suitable ones easily enough—so take your pick of wallpaper in Singapore. Combine it with casual furniture to give the space a more cosy and friendly look. You can ask your wallpaper suppliers for olive and forest green colored wallpaper with large swirls of gold-colored patterns on it to make the look come alive.

5. Plain wallpaper

If plain, one-color wallpaper is given the right design treatment, it has the potential to stand out. Solid color wallpapers have an intrinsic charm in that it can be further enhanced with patterned prints.

6. Classic prints and modern furniture

Nothing says stylish more than the pairing of an exotic mural wallpaper with modern furniture. You can get the lights fixed in the room to give it a more chic look. Make the flowers on the wallpaper stand out from the wall. Use antique chairs that will make your room look striking.

7. Dressed up corners

Dressing up corners can go a long way in giving a modern and different look to your entire house. You can opt for a monochromatic theme for the interiors and transform a particular corner into a stylish yet comfortable reading corner. Finish off the minimalist look with some quality white curtains from your nearby curtain company.

8. Cover all nooks and crannies

You can set a particular theme for your house. Cover the walls with baby pink themed wallpaper and accentuate the stairs with blue luxury vinyl flooring. In addition to that, get modern lighting and baby blue accent chairs for some extra oomph.

We hope these out of the box ideas are helpful in giving your home a new and refreshing look.

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