Creative Ways To Reward Your Employees For Their Hard Work

For your business to grow and reach a wider market, you need to hire employees to make the workload lighter and more manageable.

In addition, maintaining their motivation and keeping it at a high level is essential to having a successful business. Aside from an attractive salary, you need to find other ways to say thank you and show how much you appreciate them.

Below, we’ll share some great methods of showing how to care for your employees. 

Tell them face-to-face

This is one of the best ways to thank your staff for a job well done. You can call them into your office and simply thank them for doing their work well. This is a very personal approach and it shows the employee that you are truly appreciative of the work they are doing. If you want, you can even say thank you in front of their other colleagues as well so that the rest will also be motivated to do better.

Celebrate for them

You can make sure that all the employees’ birthdays are celebrated. You don’t have to get a cake for each and every person. You can have the names of the people who are sharing their birthday month together in one cake and let them enjoy it after work. This will show them just how grateful you are for the job that they are doing in your company.

Give them cards

You can personalise cards as a way to say thank you to your employees. Get their pictures and have them printed on the cards. Then write a short message and sign it. This is a thoughtful, nice and inexpensive way of acknowledging the good work that they are doing. If you’re thinking of where to get such cards, check out companies selling corporate gifts wholesale in Singapore—you will likely find some that you can buy in bulk rather easily.

Gift them family hampers

You can go a step further and find out more about your employee’s families. With the information you gather, have small gifts put together for their family members. If your male employee has a wife and two sons or daughters then you can have something in the hampers for all of them. You can put something in that would be appealing for the wife, daughter and son. It may sound like a lot of work but they will really appreciate it. Remember that most employees work hard for their families to have a better life, so doing something like that will make them know that you care about their families as well. You can get really nice gift items from corporate gifts suppliers.

Mix up the gifts

You don’t have to give out the same things every single time you want to appreciate employees who work well. You can change the gift from time to time. The first time, it can be a supermarket gift voucher, the next time it can be tickets to a game or even a pay raise. Doing this will leave the employees always guessing and motivate them to work harder so that they can get the next surprise gift. If your company is doing really well then you can give out a fully paid holiday to the best worker.

Keep in mind that saying thank you to your staff is important; however, it doesn’t always have to be expensive. Your employees would likely appreciate even cheap corporate gifts so long as they are practical or useful in some way.

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