The Right Way To Reducing Food Wastage

Being environmentally friendly has its perks. While doing your part to saving the planet is one of them, reducing food waste can also help to save on costs and increase in work efficiency. From composting to proper planning, here are some tips to help save on food wastage.

Using A Point of Sales System

Using a Point of Sales (POS) system allows staff members to keep track of restaurant and hotel supplies without having to write them down on paper. In addition to saving on the use of paper, all orders will be tracked, resulting in a decrease in cases of duplicate orders. Not only will this save on food wastage, it will lead to an increase in work productivity

Proper Planning

As with perishable goods, it’s important to take note of their shelf life. Especially so for organic ingredients, do plan your supplies accordingly, to avoid a large amount of food wastage.

Waste Not, Want Not

Have ingredients that are approaching the end of their shelf life? Instead of binning them, consider giving them to charity or to your employees? While ingredients can be sold at lower costs, cooked meals may be packed and brought home. Before giving them out, do ensure that the food is safe for consumption.

Choose to Compost

Turning organic waste into compost isn’t new, but it’s something that only recently started picking up among businesses. For those who are new to the concept, composting basically allows you to return organic waste to the environment, so that it can turn it into nutrients to create organic matter-rich soil for gardening purposes

Speaking of gardening, if you have a compost pit, you can create a vegetable garden where you can plant spices and other vegetables that you use in the restaurant, helping you cut down on your costs further and allowing you to serve fresh vegetables straight from your own backyard.

Unlike what some may think, food waste reduction is not a complex process, where there is usually no need for elaborate Singapore restaurant cooking equipment. As such, it’s worthwhile to take on the above tips – one step for your restaurant, one step towards a greener environment.

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