3 Interesting Jobs That Involve Big Data

We live in an age whereby data management in all sectors has gone digital. Digitization makes for more efficient processes, more accurate results and less laborious lives. With the help of computers, smart devices and the internet; commerce, healthcare, manufacturing, and other sectors have not just become global, the work processes are now less time consuming, and also more accurate.

Big data is no longer a strange term that is used by data scientists and tech engineers—it has permeated into various aspects of our lives.

Expectedly, traditional fields that were not tech-based such as medicine and law are increasingly tapping into the benefits of big data, consequently creating a need for more big data specialists.

Here are some surprising careers that do make use of big data.

Financial Trading

When Warren Buffet started investing in the NYSE, one had to rely almost entirely on his or her knowledge of the market, training in finance and “gut feeling” when making a decision to buy or sell.

However, today’s traders rely on Big Data.

Through artificial intelligence systems, financial traders can make logical decisions on whether to buy or sell. Moreover, big data and AI have enabled ordinary people to participate in financial trading without financial training and yet still make informed decisions just like financial experts.

Financial experts have, on the other hand, turned to learning how Big Data systems work in order to optimize their output.

It is no longer sufficient to learn and master the ins and outs of financial trading. Leading financial firms encourage advisors to enroll in data science courses to sharpen their skills.

The Legal World

A more surprising career that uses big data is the legal world.

At first, the thought that big data could disrupt the legal world seemed absurd. However, big data today is disrupting the structure of the traditional legal industry.

Consumers are able to find relevant legal assistance through technology-driven solutions that use systems that take large pools of data and direct consumers to the help they in record speeds. All this is thanks to big data.


No matter where your interests lie, all enterprises need marketing in order to reach out to potential clients. Marketers previously relied on long and extensive surveys and feedback to judge the performance of a campaign as well as develop new campaign strategies.

However, marketers today use Big Data to analyze markets faster and design a suitable campaign approach in addition to products. Furthermore, Big Data tools such as Google Analytics are also used to collect market intelligence on the performance of marketing campaigns.

Here’s the Bottom Line

You don’t have to be a tech guru to delve into Big Data. As the above points show, Big Data is available and has become critical even in traditional, conservative careers like the legal arena.

So, if you are a lawyer, financial consultant, doctor or marketing executive, consider enrolling for a data analytics course in Singapore and make the most from the ability to analyze Big Data in your individual field.

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