International Schools In Singapore: What To Know

When it comes to education, parents always want to offer the best to their children. Luckily, Singapore’s public education system is among the best the world over with students garnering the highest scores in PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment ) in the world.

This makes Singapore’s public education system among the toughest in the globe. And this can be difficult for expatriate students as they try to adjust to the new curriculum, culture, and an ultra-competitive academic environment.

Benefits of an International school

  • Teacher to student ratio:Currently Singapore’s public schools have around 30 students for each teacher. On the other hand, International schools, each teacher has 10 and 24 students, meaning students get more one-on-one attention and assistance from teachers.
  • Diverse student bodies: Most student bodies in international schools Singapore are made up of pupils from all parts of the globe, exposing these students to an environment that’s culturally diverse. And this can be compared to most university campuses making this especially good should you be considering to send your children abroad to pursue their tertiary education.
  • IB (International Baccalaureate) Curriculum:The International Baccalaureate Curriculum is recognized widely. This is because it uses an inquiry-based approach which emphasizes on critical and creative thinking hence preparing students for coursework format used at the university level.

Hefty fees for international school

International school Singapore has unbelievably high fees. Nonetheless, many employers of expatriates will offer to subsidize the international school Singapore fees based on the employment package given. And this could at times cover the full fee amount.

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