The Right Way To Exfoliate The Skin When You Have Acne

Cystic acne often leads to noticeable scarring that you may have to go for special treatment for acne scar removal after the acne itself has cleared out. We strongly recommend taking your hands off your cystic acne outbreaks for this very reason because cystic acne scar removal treatment may not work as expected.

How you exfoliate is equally important, and on a general note, an exfoliating scrub is not recommended when you have an active cystic acne breakout. An exfoliating scrub is useful for making your skin refined, but you should be careful with it when your breakouts are still active. However, exfoliating is a crucial thing when trying to prevent acne. You may be wondering, how.

A chemical exfoliant is good for dissolving the bonds that stick dead skin cells together, and one of those is Glycolic acid, a natural alpha-hydroxy acid which is gotten from sugar cane. You can even get a glycolic foaming cleanser that can act as both a cleanser and an exfoliant rolled into one.

Also, get a cleanser that contains chamomile to soothe your skin. If you love having granular scrubs, you may have to hold off on that while your breakouts are still active. You can resume using granular scrubs after everything has cleared up.

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