Why Yoga & Chiropractic Should Go Hand-in-Hand

Chiropractic has unexpectedly attained limelight in the world of healthcare, all courtesy of the myriad health benefits that it is offering to its patients. Even more surprising is the fact that chiropractors in Singapore and worldwide have now started incorporating yoga as a part of their treatment program. In the last decade, the increasing popularity of this duo has made it quite evident that chiropractic and yoga go hand-in-hand and their combined regime can increase the overall effectiveness of the treatment program several folds.

Revealing the Statistics   

The effectiveness of yoga can be well understood from the fact that one-third of women practice yoga during pregnancy years as per the clinical records of local chiropractors. It has proven to be beneficial for their overall health and during the delivery. Furthermore, a recent National Health Statistics Report revealed that the practice of yoga increased from 5.1 per cent to 9.5 per cent in a span of ten years (2002 to 2012).

What the Experts Have to Say

As per the consensus of chiropractors, yoga has imparted far better results in terms of pain reduction and improving the quality of life. From posture correction to muscle activation, yoga is beneficial in targeting various health issues at a time. It even has an impact on improving balance and coordination. Arthritis disfigured spinal curvatures, and lower back pain responds miraculously to yoga exercises than chiropractic alone.

The Perfect Remedy for Well-Being

Chiropractors highly recommend yoga to their clients because it is a perfect embodiment of complementary medicine. Chiropractors are now keener on recommending yoga because it works in harmony with chiropractic to impart the best musculoskeletal results. It substantially improves the overall physiological response of muscles and helps an individual maintain proper posture and flexibility. In fact, chiropractors may be referred to as the pioneers of chiro-yoga – an exclusive domain that incorporates the principles of chiropractic along with yoga to heal joint disfigurement.

What Makes Yoga the Best?

The renowned chiropractor Michael Cohen from Toronto believes that the cure of all health issues lies in treating the mind and body together via a feedback loop. Simply stated, a peaceful mind would automatically work towards healing the body. Yoga is one of the few practices that is an epitome of holistic healing.

While meditation and breathing relax the mind and releases tension, the physical aspect of yoga promotes strength and flexibility to the body. This duo helps an individual perfect the state of his / her mind and body simultaneously. In fact, yoga activates the nervous and musculoskeletal system at once while chiropractic, on the other hand, does the same. Hence, incorporating a combination of both in treating a health issue will bear more fruitful results than using any one approach in isolation. The increasing utilisation of this approach in today’s world is itself a testimonial of its effectiveness and popularity.

Yoga & Chiropractic

While yoga enhances your connection with nature and your own body, chiropractic helps you appreciate your body on a deeper level, hence displaying a symbiotic relationship.

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