3 Malls You Must Visit For The Best Shopping Experience

Shopping in Singapore is an experience that you might never feel anywhere else. The small country has managed to seduce shoppers from all around the world to ‘shop-till-they-drop’. Right from small ones to the gigantic shopping malls, it is nearly impossible to visit each and every one of them in a short span of days.

Here are some perfect malls that will suit all your needs:

Woodlands Civic Centre

The Woodlands Civic Centre Singapore is located in the northern region of the country. It is a diverse area both during the day and night. Commercial zones, eateries, and shops are spread evenly, with transit routes just nearby the shopping center. Apart from the 250 outlets and shops here, it also houses the largest neighborhood library in Singapore known as the Woodlands Regional Library.

Cuppage Plaza

Cuppage Plaza Singapore is an old shopping complex that is tucked behind the bustling Orchard Road stretch. You will feel as if you have traveled to Japan. The place has earned a reputation of providing the most authentic Japanese cuisines at its restaurants here. It also houses some stores that range from bookstores to fashion stores.

Golden Mile Food Centre

The Golden Mile Food Centre Singapore was originally resettlement of street hawkers from Jalan Sultan. Today, it houses some of the best food stalls that Singapore has to offer. You can choose to try your first local delicacies here like Hokkien mee and char kway teow. The food here is immensely rich in flavors and has an unforgettable vibe.

For the best shopping experience, it is recommended that you visit these three shopping outlets. While you might find more, you will not be able to visit them all in a single go. Hence, it is better if you visit a selected few and enjoy the traditional vibe of Singapore.

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