Everything You Need To Know About Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is a facial exfoliating treatment available in aesthetic clinics in Singapore. This procedure involves a doctor to use a surgical scalpel to gently scrape off the peach fuzz and dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. Microscopic hairs and the build-up of dead skin can cause the complexion to appear flaky and dull, and even lead to breakouts caused by clogged pores and hair follicles.

When the peach fuzz and build-up is removed, it allows serums and other skincare to penetrate into the skin more effectively. Peach fuzz is also one of the reasons behind cakey makeup, which can be further enhanced under hi-definition professional cameras and bright studio lights. As such, this procedure helps to reveal smooth skin for easier makeup application and a more radiant, glowing complexion.

How does Dermaplaning work?

Dermaplaning is a quick and painless non-invasive procedure that involves a curved 10-inch scalpel which is manually scraped across clean and dry skin across the face. It requires no recovery time and provides immediate results. Dermaplaning also helps to increase cellular turnover and regeneration. The body will begin to produce healthier, plump skin cells for a softer, smooth skin texture.

Are there any side effects?

There is no downtime or side effects, however your skin might be pinkish and sensitive to sun exposure after the treatment. It is recommended to wear sunscreen and avoid direct sun-exposure to reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation.

The procedure also does not trigger hair follicles so you need not worry if the facial hair will grow back faster, darker or thicker. The hair is superficial vellus hair, or peach fuzz, hence it will grow back at the same texture and rate.

How often can you do it?

Results can last for up to 4 weeks. Approximately 3 weeks’ worth of dead skin cells are removed via dermaplaning thus your glowing complexion can last all month long. It is recommended wait and allow some time for the skin to go through its rejuvenation cycle before going for the next treatment again.

Who is it for?

Dermaplaning is suitable for all skin types except for individuals with cystic acne and acneic skin. As the use of a sharp scalpel is required, it would be best to wait for active breakouts to clear or pass on before going for this treatment. It is also important to discuss with your doctor on any skin sensitivities or allergies before the treatment.

Patients with fine lines, dry skin, sun damage and dull skin can benefit from this treatment to achieve healthier and more radiant skin.

Aside from Dermaplaning, there are also cystic acne treatments and lasers for acne scars available in our clinic for individuals with those skin concerns. One such acne scar removal treatment is the Edge Fractional CO2 laser, to help stimulate the production of collagen in the body, leaving your skin smooth with a reduced scar appearance. Book your appointment today.

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