Why The Nose Threadlift Solves Your Nose Shape Troubles

Traditionally, rhinoplasty (or surgical nose job) and nose fillers have been the options for nose augmentation. There are recent trends and new technologies that are seeing a shift from fillers and surgeries, and moving towards nose threadlifts. Also known as Hiko nose threadlifts, this procedure is also popular due to the improved safety profile.

What is a nose threadlift?

The ULTRA V Hiko Nose Threadlift is a non-surgical procedure is performed by inserting very fine threads to lift your nose to the desired shape. These special PDO (polydixanone) threads helps to lift the nose bridge and tip, and dissolves as the body builds collagen and tissue fibroblasts around the threads. The produced collagen will help to support the nose’s new shape for natural, long-lasting results, without undergoing a surgical procedure.

The inserted threads stimulate cellular renewal, provide skin lifting and support skin tightening. They are also very versatile and can help achieve lifting effects for the nose, such as elevating the nose bridge and tip. Even as the PDO threads dissolve, the results continue to improve over time due to the collagen and connective tissues produced by your body. Continued gradual improvements can be seen for the nose bridge and nose tip, thus the results of the nose threadlifts are long-lasting with a naturally lifted nose profile.

Threadlifts also carry no surgical risk and have less possible complications than fillers, where it can migrate and lead to odd-looking lumps on the nose. Essentially, it offers the combined benefits of surgical rhinoplasty and dermal fillers such as no incision, no downtime and long-lasting results.

What does a nose threadlift help you with?

  • Create a higher nose bridge
  • Give a sharper and better-looking nose bridge definition
  • Lift of the nose tip for a sharper tip
  • Straighten the nose bridge to create a straighter nose profile
  • Reduce the nose tip for a slenderer look
  • Shrinkage of nostrils
  • Correct bulbous nose

What should you know about the procedure

The type and number of threads used vary as it depends on what is needed to manipulate the height and shape of your nose.

Local anaesthesia and numbing cream is administered before the procedure, and it only takes 15 minutes to be done in one session. Threads can be inserted with ease into the nose, with minimal discomfort and pain. Mild swelling and bruising may occur due to the local anaesthesia and this can disappear within several hours. There is also hardly any downtime so patients can resume their normal activities after the session.

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