8 Nutritious Foods You Should Have In Your Child’s Diet

When our child is in the schooling stage it is really crucial for them to eat healthy foods. These healthy foods will become a key for the good physical and mental development of your child. These are the following foods that I used to prepare for my child especially that my child is studying in the top international school in Singapore it is very important to keep them healthy at all times for optimal learning.

  • Green leafy vegetables – this is a very good choice of vegetables that you can give your child because green leafy vegetables promote good blood circulation which can benefit the proper development of your child’s brain.
  • Citrus fruits – this promotes good resistance to your body against certain diseases and infections. By doing this you can prevent absences of your child that are due to illness which can affect their performance academically.
  • Fruit juices – this is perfect for a healthier lifestyle for your kids but opt-in for fresh fruit juices because it does not contain any artificial sugars at all which can put your child’s health at risk.
  • Steamed fish – by including this on the packed lunch of your children you are putting a good foundation with regards to healthy food choices which they can be used to it and will benefit them in the long run. What I can advise you is to stay away from meat particularly processed meats such as hot dogs although I am not saying that the kids cannot eat those foods already but limit their intake of those foods.
  • Chicken breast – this is a good source of protein which is very essential for the development of your child’s muscle. That is why instead of a fried chicken go for a steamed chicken breast because you are getting a decent amount of protein but less the cholesterol of fried foods that possess.
  • Sterilized milk – when fruit juices are not available because we know that you might be busy with your schedule and you do not have the time to grab the juicer and make fresh juices out of it. Do not worry because there are over-the-counter sterilized milks that are available in the supermarket just make sure that you choose the brand that has the least sugar content.
  • Squash – this is the most overlooked vegetable in the world maybe because of its taste. However, it has one of the highest amounts of vitamin A that a vegetable possesses. This is very useful for children to maintain their good eyesight.
  • Whole eggs – this is another good source of protein and a much better choice for snacks instead of sweet biscuits you must really opt for this. Whole eggs have a lot of protein content approximately 13 grams which will help in the development of your child’s body and added the fact that it is very easy to prepare. You will just boil it on water for a few minutes then it is ready to serve and it is very easy to put inside the food box of your child.

These are the healthy food choices that you must keep in mind which are the best for your child’s optimal development.

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