How To Get The Perfect Smile With Invisalign

Your smile is a reflection of your feelings. With a great smile, you can enjoy every moment of your life once you you feel confident about yourself. Your self-confidence grows strong and soars when you don’t hold yourself back in any way.

If you have been fretting about the appearance of your smile and teeth alignment, now is the best time to get it treated. Invisalign braces are an excellent choice to improve alignment without interrupting your life and activities. Compared to other alternatives like metal and ceramic braces, this type of braces is barely noticeable and are comfortable to boot.

At the end of the treatment, you get the well-aligned teeth you want. Taken together, all these factors contribute to making invisalign braces a preferred choice for teens and adults in Singapore.

What a good orthodontist can do for you

There are different types of braces available that are used to treat various orthodontic issues. A good orthodontist in Singapore can determine the most beneficial line of treatment for you. In this case, Invisalign braces is ideal for mild to complex issues. It can be customized for you in a way where the aligners are trimmed so that they fit your gum line perfectly. This makes them more comfortable for you to wear.

Moreover, these braces are removable and are not attached to your teeth as metal braces need to be, and being removable has numerous advantages to it. You can continue to eat the foods you normally do as the aligners are removed before you eat.  They are also removed before you brush your teeth, so oral hygiene is easy to maintain. Invisalign braces is also made up from materials that are not metallic so it means that there never is a chance of getting mouth ulcers, as can happen with metallic braces.

The costs of Invisalign braces

In this treatment, the teeth are moved over a period of time to straighten alignment. Aligners are typically changed with new ones periodically to make the treatment effective. Follow-up visits to the dentist during treatment are few and far between, and they are either for changing retainers or to check the progress.

Invisalign braces are designed from clear materials that are made of superior quality and this ultimately contributes to the cost of treatment, which explains the steep price for this type of braces. The costs for Invisalign braces in Singapore can range from $5,000 to $7,500. Although metal braces can cost less than Invisalign, many adults and teens in Singapore are choosing Invisalign braces over metal ones due to the advantages of aesthetics, comfort and clear. As treatment can take one or more years, the popularity and preference for Invisalign is perfectly understandable.

What the treatment entails

Invisalign braces don’t only give you quick results, but it also involves minor adjustments in lifestyle choices and gives you the lasting results that you want. However, you have to take note that the aligners have to be worn for around 22 hours daily. And this is especially crucial and needs to be adhered to or the treatment may get prolonged.

Not to mention, moving teeth is something that should be done at a slow and gradual pace. If you move them too fast, you are increasing the risk of weakening the roots of teeth. This can lead to unstable teeth at a later date. To make sure that you don’t encounter this, the teeth has to be aligned over a period that takes at least one year for mild alignment issues. Complex issues on the other hand, can take longer to achieve the visible results that you want. Gradual teeth movement also makes it a pain-free experience for you.

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