Does Your CCTV System Have These 9 Essential Features?

One of the most reliable tools for home and business security is a CCTV camera. CCTV come in various different sizes and shapes, and have similar features on every camera which define their price and ergonomic design.

Every camera comes with different features that are applicable to specific locations and applications. We will break down some of these features to help you consider your decision when purchasing the surveillance system.


Camera resolution may mean the difference between a blurry and a clear image. Low-resolution cameras may not give you the choice of viewing important events through high-quality images as is expected of a high-resolution camera.

Motion Sensors

Recording movements come in handy when you need all suspicious movements around the home stored on a video recorder. Motion sensors will not jam up the storage space because it does not have to continuous recording, but comes into action the moment the cameras sense some activity. You have a choice of setting alerts coming directly to your phone or switching the lights on to deter the intruder.

Two Way Communication Facility

Look for cameras that with internal speakers that can pick communication from both sides. This technology helps when the person on the other side needs access and can identify herself. In the case of an intruder, use the speakers to notify them that law enforcement is coming to apprehend them.

Wider Field of View

The viewing angle of the camera is important when buying or installing the CCTV system. The field of view determines the positioning of the camera and how much distance one can see. A narrow field of view captures less but has many details because of its proximity to the object. A wider viewing angle increases the distance between the camera and the object but covers a broader scene.

Video Quality

When looking for the best offer on CCTV, make sure the CCTV package offers the best quality. Modern cameras have at least 720p resolution and can go as far as 1080p for both streaming and recording.

High definition surveillance systems should offer the perfect solution to your security needs both at home and at work. However, high-resolution cameras eat up most of the bandwidth you may need to purchase an extra hard disk for storage.

Source of Power

Most cameras today are plug and play therefore do not need any source to power them into the recording. While window-shopping in Singapore, you will not miss some battery-operated cameras as another option. The advantage of using battery-operated cameras is that they can be placed in as many areas as possible with the only downside being replacing the batteries every time they run out.

Low Light Function

CCTV use low light by low magnifying light to visible light and enhance the quality of the image at night. However, you are likely to face a challenge when using infrared cameras when there is no any source of light around the field of view.

The other option is the use of thermal imaging cameras that use sensors to detect the difference in thermal and heat energy and produce an image. Thermal cameras may be effective at night but fail to give discernible details about the image in colour.

Type of Storage

It is advisable that you buy a CCTV system with enough storage to capture every recording. Some buyers who want to have a safe location to store their data use cloud storage as opposed to the regular hard disk.

Remote Accessibility

A camera that offers web or remote accessibility should be a perfect choice for anyone who does not stay in one particular for a long time. Such cameras may force you to install an App on your mobile device to allow for viewing from any location.

Having a remote control over your cameras gives control over security issues and ensuring that your employees are working in a safe environment.

With so many features and camera options available, it may be a difficult choice for you to come up with a better choice. We advise you to talk to a CCTV expert to help you find equipment suitable for your needs.

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