Why Our Photo Booths Take Such High-Quality Photos

When guests step into an instant photo booth in Singapore, they surely want to take a perfect photo. There is the expectation that the photo booth vendor is professional, committed and has experience and expertise in studio photography.

While there are some photo booth vendors who settle for less than ideal photos, we do not settle for anything less than excellent ones here. As one of the best photo booths in Singapore, we are committed to delivering the best photo booth experience available to guests at all kinds of events. Photo booth vendors can face some challenges, especially when they provide instant printouts and uploading of photos. How do we ensure consistent, superb clarity in every picture? Here are some methods we employ to ensure that every picture we take comes out crystal clear and picture perfect.

Exquisite Swiss Studio Lights

Stepping into our photo booth is like stepping into a professional photo studio. The photo booth is equipped with bright and exquisite Swiss studio lights facing the photo subjects. Our photographers also take time to carefully position and calibrate the lights. When guests step into the booth, the lights ensure that every part of their face and body are clearly visible to the camera. No strange lines or unsightly shadows anywhere on them.

Because no editing is required for the photographs we take, each of our photos is printed within a minute after the shot is taken. This means that our studio lights setup plays an extremely important role in getting the speed and efficiency we promise our customers. With them, there is no need for a photo editor to work tirelessly editing the photos. Everything comes out perfect as is. This also allows us to upload the photos instantly so guests can download and share them on the spot. No more waiting until the next day! Live in the moment!

Professional camera lenses and tripod

Our photo booth uses a high-quality Canon L lens, Carl Zeiss lens or equivalent that pro photographers use all over the world. This ensures photos are sharp corner to corner. The camera is mounted on a tripod to ensure that each shot is completely stable and consistent throughout the event.

Before the event starts, the camera and tripod would be set up with all the other equipment. Everything will be tested and calibrated beforehand to ensure that the picture comes out clear and perfect. Settings, such as aperture and focus, will be tweaked to the venue for maximum quality in each photograph.

A dedicated team of photography professionals

Our instant photo booth comes with a team of professional photographers and assistants. These staff members are committed to ensuring that all guests who enter the photo booth have a great time. Beyond that, each staff member also has a vast knowledge about photography and the systems that we use in our photo booth. In the event of an error or emergency, all of our staff members are prepared and equipped with the relevant knowledge to tackle each situation and resolve the issue.

Supporting these on-site staff members in the time leading up to the event are other photography professionals and graphic designers who are able to help all event organisers design the best customisable design for their event.


With all these factors in place, we are ready to bring the best photo booth experience to every event we go to. Find out more about our photo booths and various other services like Roving Photography to find the perfect photography service for your event.

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