5 Kinds Of Kitchen Equipment For All Restaurateurs

Once the papers have been signed and the space rented, it’s time to turn your dream kitchen into reality. As your restaurant starts to take shape and the kitchen is being set up, it is recommended to get in touch with Singapore’s catering equipment suppliers. Not only will be able to provide the equipment you need, these suppliers will be able to offer professional advice. Before approaching the experts, we recommend to first do a little research. Listed below are five types of kitchen equipment you should acquaint yourself with.

Commercial Deep Fryers

An essential part of all commercial kitchens, deep fryers are capable of serving some of the tastiest food without the involvement of any fuss. From fried tomatoes to the French fries, a wide plethora of appetisers are dependent on this equipment. Do consult Singapore’s catering equipment suppliers, to seek their opinions on the ideal deep fryer for your kitchen before making a purchase.


Perfect for serving up brunch, griddles play an important role in the preparation of breakfast dishes. While griddles may be relatively bigger in size, restaurateurs can still opt for smaller versions should space be a constraint.

Commercial Refrigerators

Essential for keeping your ingredients fresh, commercial refrigerators and freezers are a must-have for any commercial kitchens. Before getting in touch with catering equipment suppliers in Singapore, it is advisable to work out a budget and certain needs that your equipment has to cater to.

Convection Ovens

Unlike its domestic counterpart, the convection oven is a kitchen equipment that is specially designed to prepare dishes such as roasted beef or pork, biscuits, cookies and more. This oven is also ideal for browning, where it is capable of caramelising sugar whilst roasting.


While a dishwasher may not necessarily play a part in the preparation of food, it helps to provide the convenience and efficiency that all commercial kitchens need. Instead of washing dishes, more manpower can be devoted to food preparation and the creation of new dishes.

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