How To Use Your Staff Uniform As A Marketing Tactic

If you look into most companies’ branding strategies, you will get a clear picture of how staff uniform is in building a company’s identity. When all your staff wears the same uniform, they find a unique way of having unity among them. This is influenced by the fact that none of them will be looking down on the others because they can dress in more expensive and stylish attires than the rest. They are all united by that same uniform, and this builds cohesion in the company.

The uniform worn by staff helps them to identify with the company’s culture. Any new employee that joins the company can still give a short narration about the company’s culture and heritage. The uniform can speak volumes before they get into the company’s details. If there is an understanding among the staff about the company’s brand and objectives, it is easy for them to pass it over to potential clients. This simplifies the efforts needed to brand the business to the outside world.

There are other ways that you can use staff uniform to brand your business too; these ways are listed below.

1. Create External Brand Ambassadors

If you have clients who have invested in your business and are loyal to you, you can consider giving them gifts of your brand’s uniform. This doesn’t have to be the entire outfit worn by staff, but it can be part of it such as a T-shirt worn by staff on special occasions. By doing so, you will create external brand ambassadors who will contribute to spread your brand out there as they wear your gifts. Use the affordable cap or T-shirt printing Singapore services to cater to your needs.

2. Build Customer Loyalty

When your customers visit your business premises and always find all your staff in uniform, they develop a sense of security. They perceive that the workers cannot mistreat them or steal from them because their suit identifies them to the specific company. This improves if they have badges with their name tags pinned to their uniforms. The client feels safe because, in case of anything, they can identify who served them. This increases their loyalty to the company as they keep coming back.

3. Brand Awareness

This seems like an obvious point brought about by the company uniform, but this is not the case. The employees further create brand awareness as they wear the uniform regularly. In public outside of the working environment, anyone who spots the costume and immediately identifies it to your company. Certain outfits are associated with specific companies and that with it push the agenda to the potential clients out there.

4. Constant Advertising

A lot of a company’s funds are invested in marketing. But, how long does each marketing campaign last? This depends on a lot of factors such as the funds available, target market, marketing staff in the company among others. When staff members wear a uniform, you advertise the business consistently. In this way, you can maximize the exposure of your brand while also creating a recognised connection between your brand and the products or services you provide. This form of constant advertising will subsequently bring in more business leading to increased profits.

5. Professionalism, Responsibility, Authority

The employee is likely to develop these characteristics because of the gear. When they display professional attitude, they provide the customers with your company’s brand and core values. This will improve their relationship with the customers and increase the turnover of the business. The customers are likely to become repeat clients and also introduce more people to your business because of the trust they have in you.

6. Increases the Company’s Brand Identity

To achieve the company’s brand identity by staff uniform means that you have to make the company uniform reflect you. Any time it is spotted anywhere, they recall your company. It will also provide consumers with a sense of familiarity with your staff at any contact point.


Staff uniform can help even in instances where the client who has only learned about your business on the website to develop instant trust as they arrive at the door and see the staff in the uniform they were aware it belongs to you. They will get comfortable and walk in to transact business with you. Work with the best T-shirt printing Singapore company for best results.

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