Why Is There A Need For You To Check On Your Sexual Health?

For many Singaporeans, keeping healthy is a big concern. A large number of citizens exercise regularly, watch what they eat and go for health screenings at hospitals. The government has also rolled out multiple campaigns to tackle obesity and other physical health issues that are faced by the country’s population. While many are concerned over their weight and other diseases, they fail to take note of other diseases that can affect them. One prime example of this is sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs. For those who may not know better, STDs can seem like a mild concern, especially when they have not had much sexual experience. However, STDs can prove to be lethal if they aren’t taken care of promptly, and can be very painful otherwise. Some people do not visit an STD clinic in Singapore until they experience the overwhelmingly painful physical symptoms.1

Fortunately, there are tests that can be done in specialised STD clinics that can help you determine whether you have an STD – even if you are not experiencing any physical symptoms! Visiting an STD clinic is a great step towards your sexual health, and here are a few reasons why.

  1. Avoid medical problems later on

STDs can cause many symptoms, some of which can be extremely painful. These include fevers (HIV), itchy rashes, sores (herpes), or even blindness (syphilis) and infertility (chlamydia). By getting tested early, you will be able to gain access to medication and be treated before STDs cause further harm to your body. By getting tested, you also avoid any hefty medical fees that could come as a result of the STD in the future, if conditions worsen.

It is also important to note that some of the damage caused by STDs to the body may be completely irreversible. There is no way to reverse nerve damage caused by syphilis. That is why it is important that you recognise early signs of the STDs and seek treatment before it gets too complicated.

  1. Learn more about STDs and protection

Understanding the possible issues that may arise from your sexual health will allow you to be warier during future sexual encounters and consciously protect yourself against STDs. When you get an STD testing in Singapore, the STD doctor will be able to understand your sexual history and inform you of the actions that you should avoid. Each time you get tested for STDs, you will learn a little bit more about how STDs work from the doctor. You’ll also get a bit more experienced with the testing process. We recommend being tested for STDs about once a year to ensure you are free of any STD.

  1. Be informed for your future partners

Sex is about the love and passion shared between two people. By getting tested, you help to minimize the risks that you pass any STD on to future partners. You can also educate them on the potential dangers of STDs. Being informed about protection methods and the truth behind STDs can help make sex much more enjoyable and less worrying for both parties.


Being aware of sexual health risks can help to prevent unnecessary medical issues in the future. You should definitely get an STD check up in Singapore if you have not done so.

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