How To Know If You Should Visit A Doctor Or Physio

Sustaining injuries are inevitable, whether it is a major or a minor injury. Despite the likelihood of occurrence for an injury, the masses are ill-informed of the medical assistance available for that specific injury. Medical intervention should be sought but who should one seek help from?

Doctors address the medical aspect of a pathology and prescribe medication to aid in a patient’s recovery. Physiotherapists focus on finding out the contributing factors while using manual skills and exercise prescription to aid a patient’s recovery.

Knowing whether or not to see a physiotherapist or a doctor is important so you can get your injury treated properly and to prevent the injury from getting worse.

Who Can Diagnose an Injury?

Both a GP and a Physiotherapist can diagnose your injury. Physiotherapists are similar to doctors that they’re referred to as “first contact” practitioners when it comes to musculoskeletal problems. There is no referral required to consult with them directly and they are able to help diagnose and treat your injury immediately.

What Can a Physiotherapist Do For Me?

With almost any type of common injuries, most people would naturally think of seeing a doctor right away. However, if you’re suffering from physical ailment, physiotherapists bring a lot more to the table with regards to injuries compared to general practitioners. For instance, if you are seeking upper back treatment in Singapore, you will be able to get a more in-depth consultation session regarding your injury under the guidance of a physiotherapist. This is because they specialise in musculoskeletal problems that affect your ability for movement and function.

If your injury is severe and is limiting your mobility, seeking a physiotherapy treatment in Singapore may be a better option. Physical rehabilitation is a specialty of physiotherapists that can better address your condition such as prescribing the correct exercises or relieving injuring symptoms through manual therapy.

Working Together

Most physiotherapists and general practitioners bring their expertise and work together hand in hand to meet the needs of patients adequately. What usually happens is that doctors refer patients to physiotherapists for injuries that require their particular expertise, meanwhile, physiotherapist will refer patients to doctors if there is a need for certain prescription medication, injections, scans, and so on. You may also wish to get a diagnosis from a physiotherapist straightaway, especially for physical injuries that affect movement or are related to musculoskeletal issues.

Depending on your injuries, seeing both a doctor and a physiotherapist is a good idea so they can work together to share input on treatment or management of your injury. Going for a physiotherapy treatment in Singapore provides you with more treatment options such as manual therapy and specialist exercises, in conjunction with prescribed medication from a doctor.

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