Aspects Of A Successful & Profitable Corporate Event

To plan and deliver a corporate event might seem difficult, however, with little training and some thought, you will be up and running an awesome corporate event in no time. It’s highly critical to create a checklist of things that you have to plan for so that you can ensure that every little detail of the event is prepared for well.

To that end, we have a list of important questions you should have on hand to prepare for your event.

Where Will The Corporate Event Be Held?

Pick a venue that is highly recommended or notable. Go to the venue, check it out and discuss your requirements in detail. After the discussion, put your requirements in writing and ensure that they agree to it.

Be prepared for the inevitable, always have a contingency plan, be two steps ahead. Bear in mind that the venue owners are very much interested in meeting and talking to your corporate clients as you are and will do everything within their power to make all of you happy. Referral is the ultimate goal for the venue owners.

When Should You Schedule your Corporate Event?

Ideally, your corporate event should be held when most guests are able to attend. Try to avoid busy periods of the year such as holidays or days when you know business is busy for corporate companies.

In addition, make sure the event doesn’t clash with your local sports team playing; be it football, basketball, hockey, cricket etc. Try always to view the local team’s fixture list to avoid a low turnout of guests. It’s wise to plan for this as a lot of people enjoy watching sports, and if a particularly important sporting event is happening, they might not come to your corporate event.

What is your Corporate Event About?

You need to know why the event is being held to pick a relevant theme, invite relevant guest speakers and ensure everything is consistent. To turn your party up a notch, custom print t-shirts for your guests that have the logo of the event or company and what the event stands for.


Send out invitations five weeks before the event to ensure that your guests have enough time to prepare for the event and organise their diaries so as not to forget your event.

You have written and sent out your perfect list of invitees if for instance, 130 invitees promised to attend the event, the budget for 140 attendees because anything more than that, you will have lots of wasted leftovers.

Corporate Event Food

When it comes to corporate events, there are numerous kinds of food you should avoid because there are various dietary requirements you should consider and plan for. Avoid sensitive foods such as dairy or peanuts, and choose food that is easily eaten, meaning your guests can handle it easily, so it does not ruin their clothes. Also, it is best for the catering team to wear a different outfit than the rest so that they could better serve the guests. Typically, you could get the floor team’s uniform from a cheap t-shirt printing in Singapore.

Just like any project or task that requires thorough organisation, time management is an essential element of the planning period. Make sure you have enough time to plan and carry out an amazing corporate event that will forever stay in the minds and hearts of your attendees.

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