Using A CCTV System In Your Workplace The Right Way

The foot traffic surrounding small business establishments can be really heavy at times, making it almost impossible to keep an eye out for theft and other illegal activities. For example, it may be virtually impossible for the person behind the counter, at the petrol pump, to maintain control on a Saturday night or during the Monday morning rush. It is times like these when you wonder what if you had an extra ‘eye over the floor’, to stay aware of anything suspicious.

Well, if the phrase, ‘eye over the floor’ appears to be too ambiguous, what we mean here is an eye on property, valuables, loved ones, business and so on. The small businesses act as a portal that connects communities. Don’t you want to keep your local bakery with over 10 years of experience filled with loyal and carefree customers, all thanks to the homely taste, hospitality and warmness that you offer to them? You would definitely want it to remain this way, which is why having a CCTV camera in Singapore is a smart move.

Why Should You Have A CCTV System in Your Workplace?

It is not about whether you are the CEO of a huge corporation or own a small pawn shop down the street, it is about people feeling safe around your business and keeping delinquents at bay. Security cameras are important in today’s world, and are imperative to keep the business going. You do not want the products to disappear from your shop on a daily basis, which is another reason why it is time you opt for a security system for your business.

Whether you want the customers to know straightaway that they are being watched or you want to make this system more discreet, you will find enough options in stores and online to weigh the benefits and make the right purchase. However, the big question remains unanswered, ‘How does one identify the right use of a CCTV package in Singapore?’

Identifying the Need

Different businesses carry out a variety of operations, and therefore have different areas that need to be surveilled. Some rooms can be large and spacious, which may require more than two cameras. Whereas a smaller room may only need just one camera installed.

You may not need to install a CCTV camera in the washroom, but installing one in the hallway may be appropriate, depending on the foot traffic you observe every day. Here are a few pointers on how to identify your need:

  • Do you need to keep an eye over employees and cash registers?
  • Do you want to monitor the outgoing and incoming foot traffic?
  • Is keeping track of your inventory crucial to your business?
  • Is shoplifting a major threat in your area of business?
  • Do you want to track employee behavior and practices, related to their productivity?
  • Do you want to restrict general employees from certain areas of the office?
  • Do you want to surveil the outdoor area surrounding your premises?
  • Is vandalism a lingering risk in your neighborhood?

Keeping the above in mind, you will find a plethora of CCTV camera system Singapore options that cater to your needs and offer amazing features like push notifications, motion sensors, facial recognition, mobile app connectivity and many other benefits. So now, you might as well choose to install a camera over your toaster to be there in time before it burns!

You may want to install an outdoor CCTV camera indoors if that indoor area qualifies as a factory floor. An outdoor CCTV camera can also be installed in a warehouse where the big door are usually open and the outside weather mixes with the inside atmosphere. You can also choose to use outdoor cameras in schools and prisons as there are higher chances of damaged CCTV cameras because of unruly individuals taking a shot at the CCTV.

How many do you need?

It depends on your purpose and the controls you want to maintain. One or two might be enough for a room or a hallway, but if the room is bigger or has more than 2 corners, you are better off with an 8-channel system or a multi-channel security system. They can be used:

  • As a preventive measure
  • For evidence
  • For alerts
  • For streaming (live)

Make the best of your CCTV system and enjoy safer surroundings by following these tips. Using the most suitable CCTV system for your workplace is essential for many reasons, whether it is for the company, staff or customers.

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